Subramuniyaswami, Sivaya H.H. A "Hinduism Today Discussion Group!" What a wonderful idea and, yes, very workable. The first Sunday of each month is a perfect time for the group to meet – and easy to remember. Hinduism Today Discussion Groups are going to be very popular now and in the future. Here are some ideas that you might incorporate. First, ask everyone who attends to read and re-read the current issue and become fully familiar with its content. The meeting should, of course, begin with an arati to Lord Ganesha and a few minutes of bhajan, to get things off to a good start. Nothing begins but He gives His blessings. Then, simply let the discussion begin. Each month a different moderator should be appointed to head up the next meeting. It is his or her job to keep careful notes of all perceptions about Hinduism now and in the future, as well as other interesting observations that come out of the meeting. We would appreciate having a copy of these notes as they develop. We know everyone in the group would, too. Hinduism in the 20th century is a fast-changing, on-going vital force in the world. Hinduism is now in every walk of life and it is beginning to work for a better tomorrow, for a better world. The Eternal Truths of the Sanatana Dharma are affecting the lives of individuals and society. We hope that more and more and more Hinduism Today Discussion Groups will begin in many countries of the world. There is nothing like talking about trends and issues and trying to anticipate the future as a group. Too long have individuals and groups looked backwards into Hinduism's past. You will have fun discussing the future. When the discussion is over, hold another short bhajan and then serve some refreshments. Attending a Discussion Group once a month will make reading the newspaper even more enjoyable.

Many have said that our big/little newspaper is not just a newspaper. It is Hinduism today. Well, we hope so. We really do. Each morning over twenty of us arise at 3:45 A.M. and are in our lovely Kadavul Temple for arati to Lord Ganesha at 4:30 A.M. We pray that His wisdom will guard and guide us through the day. It is very important, we feel, to seek His grace and blessings before we begin such an important task as this newspaper. Ten years ago it came so clearly that there was a need for a paper such as this – one that would bind all Hindus together in a spirit of brotherhood through knowledge. The other religions had theirs but we did not, and there was so much going on in the world that wanted to be shared. Well, we took on the task. In a very small and humble way at first and then, almost on its own, it began to grow and grow. You, our readers, helped. You helped to guide us on the right path to bring forth the news that you wanted to read and remember. The spiritual leaders, the swamis, the rishis and the pandits came forward, one by one, with their blessings, knowledge and good will. After many years of trial and error all was in readiness for monthly editions. We took the big step – from a quarterly tabloid to a monthly. It did not look like such a big step until a few months later. Well, we managed. We all called upon the forces of concentration, creativity and willpower. Soon writers began to come forward out of nowhere – with so much news. More news than we could ever print. Our little mailbox, which used to receive only a small handful of mail every few days, grew to an arm-load daily. And many visitors to our Hawaiian island began to come. Elegant people, each with a message, words of encouragement and helpful advice. Our subscription base began to grow and grow and grow, especially lifetime subscriptions. You certainly have a lot of faith in us. We appreciate that support. We really do. So with a full heart we enter – on the occasion of this tenth anniversary issue – another decade of service to our dear and precious religion. And now, Hinduism Today Discussion Groups – what a boon! Do gather on the first Sunday of each month to discuss the issues and, remember – think of the future. AUM.

Article copyright Himalayan Academy.