“There is One Supreme Light which ever burns steadily and surely,
and that Light Eternal is God who lighteth every soul and all that is”

By H.D. Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati

 Cherishing universal love, dedicating yourselves to selfless service of mankind, guarding your minds against all evils and sins and abiding in holy thoughts, you shall now behold the Grand Majesty of the Lord of Light and be blessed to live a life of holiness, blessedness, happiness and prosperity in this world of sin, wretchedness, misery and paucity.

Entirely neglect the past; forget it once for all; be not anxious for the future and anticipate nothing temporal in the time to come. But purify your mind now by holy and pure thoughts of an unperturbed, calm and sacred life; for, your path will be lighted up and you shall live a peaceful, successful, harmonious life of perfection among the imperfections and disorders of today. Character is everything: so, by adhering to the universal moral principles and by shaping your lives in accordance with the laws of the spiritual verities, possess a stainless character in order to lead an exalted and ideal life of purity and goodness, truth and light.

Let not callousness and want of feelings reign in your heart: sympathise with all; for, sympathy is a holy virtue which will reveal to you the One Light and Life existing in all men and creation. Compassion and universal love will land you in the kingdom of radiance and illumination. A life of sagacious humility and sincere prayer will crown you with Divine Grace, which in its turn will enlighten you to behold the luminous Splendour of God everywhere: thus, you shall overcome the riddles of confusing circumstances, triumph over undesirable happenings and solve all the enigmas of perplexing situations, in life.

May you all move towards the Home of eternal Light, Wisdom and Bliss and in this way fulfil the purpose of your living on earth. May God bless you all to walk in the Way of His Light. May His Grace descend upon you all most abundantly. OM

Swami Omkarananda Saraswati, (1929–2000), sage, mystic, philosopher, was founder-president of several charitable trust societies, academic and cultural schools and a research institute for science-synthesis.

        website: www.omkarananda-ashram.org