Threat of Christian Fanatics

The article written by Madhu Kishwar (Hinduism Today, Apr/May/Jun, 2019) is an eye-opener. The pictures have added to the dismal facts. Ms. Kishwar took pains in having interviews with the Christian intruders and with high officials like the Prime Minister of India. Thousands of Hindus know about the very disturbing tactics that the Christian missionaries have been using for decades in India and elsewhere. However, Ms. Kishwar put those questionable tactics in concrete words. Some organizations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Ekal Vidyalaya, for example, do try to reduce the negative effect of the destructive work of the Christian missionaries. However the tidal waves of Christian political clout and tremendous foreign money power are hard to subside. Moreover, the hands of pro-Hindu officials and leaders are tied under the nasty so-called secularism brought by the founding leaders like Nehru, Gandhi and others. I recommend to Ms. Kishwar and to HINDUISM TODAY to send the article for republication in as many magazines and organizations as possible, such as Hindu Vishwa, Threads, Sanskar Bharati, The Hindu in Calcutta, Swarajya, Hindu Post, Friends of India Society, Hindu Student Council, and more. I will be happy to provide their addresses.



Worship God through Dance

The article on the dance from Kerala, Theyam, (Hinduism Today, Jul/Aug/Sep, 2019) was quite interesting. It informed me about this form of dance for the first time in my life. The most popular dance forms of Kerala are Mohini Aattam and Kathakali. I enjoyed reading this article as it always good to know something new. All dance forms of India are about worshiping God.


On page 32 of the July/August/September issues, the photos of Swami Divyananda and Sadhvi Divya Giri were inadvertently switched. We apologize for the error.


How Hinduism Today Magazine Inspired a Psychologist

Dr. Sharma takes knowledge of Hinduism and with it changes lives

“It was only when I moved from India to the USA in 1970 at age 29 that I began to appreciate Hinduism,” recalls Dr. Greesh Sharma, retired clinical psychologist. “I began studying the religions of the world and marveled at Hinduism’s unique greatness and value. Then, as I worked in my field over the years, I noticed that the treatments, procedures and advice that worked best were nearly always harmonious with Hindu precepts and wisdom. My passion to help people merged with a growing understanding of Hinduism and inspired me to evolve solid ways to uplift those who came to me.

“Many ailments today are caused, as I see it, by a lack of a sound, living philosophy to fall back on when challenges come. This is our opportunity, professionals or otherwise, to share those positive perspectives so well known in the East. People often have a low opinion of themselves and carry a lot of stress as a result. I’ve encouraged them to dismantle the imaginary barriers they’ve created and see the world as a reflection of themselves. This simple advice often sufficed to bring a happier frame of mind. The right word at the right time can work wonders.”

Dr. Sharma at the foot of Mount Kailash in 2004. “Thanks to Hinduism and Hinduism Today, I always had near at hand the means to provide assistance”

Dr. Sharma has been a faithful reader of HINDUISM TODAY since 1993. “It’s helped me personally attain self-esteem and self-respect and feel a part of the Hindu diaspora,” he reports. “It gave me the confidence, the concepts and the language to pass on what I learned to my patients.”

“The magazine’s greatest value is that it supports and reflects the most competent, sustainable system for helping people live. It spreads the knowledge and wisdom so desperately needed today with the same generosity of spirit as Hinduism itself, always relevant, generous, tolerant, gentle, understanding, encouraging and, especially, always reasonable, logical, sensible—essential quality for my profession and my own nature. No politics, no power games or special agendas. HINDUISM TODAY is one of the purest voices in our world today, humbly, quietly bringing people together, giving them confidence and the conviction that they are good enough. I say to my friends that this magazine is Hinduism’s and India’s best ambassador today.”

Dr. Sharma has been supportive of Hinduism Today in a number of ways. He is a lifetime subscriber, was for a long time an advertiser, and is now is a generous donor to the Hinduism Today Production Fund. “There is a lot, a lot of important work to be done out there, and there will be more as time goes on, perhaps even more challenging than we now imagine. I see nothing so well suited to see us through them than Hinduism and its steady voice, HINDUISM TODAY. I hope many will find it in their hearts to support the Hinduism Today Production Fund as our best protection going forward.”

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