We knew it might cause a problem for our humility if we accepted their offer, but accept we did. Apple Computer Company, the company that began the personal computer revolution ten years ago, wanted to fly 2.700 miles from their California headquarters to Kauai to video tape our use of their innovative Macintosh computer! Of course, our humility was restored when we found out all three-and-a-half hours of shooting would be reduced to a mere four minutes of their annual in-house television program called the "Open Apple Video Magazine," a show to bring Apple's 6,000 employees closer to Apple's customers.

Apple wanted to know, "How was it that this most ancient religion could be making so much use of the most modern technology?" So, on January 18th, Apple Video Supervisor Dave Billmaier, and cameraman/editor Dan Feinstein spent 14 hours videotaping most aspects of life at our editorial offices and the adjacent Kauai Aadheenam of Saiva Siddhanta Church. In addition to the computers, Apple's employees will enjoy scenes of a traditional homa (fire ceremony), yoga meditation, the astrological chart of Apple president, John Sculley, and spectacular Hawaiian scenery. Our 12 Macintoshes and two Laserwriters will be shown hard at work accounting, addressing, art working, astrologizing, corresponding, news writing, Hindu calendar making, researching and typesetting.

Apple was impressed. "Definitely amazing. Some of the most sophisticated users of the Mac I've seen, permeates all areas of possible use," said Dave. "I've done a lot of these stories, but this was one of the most unique experiences I've ever had." Hinduism Today is grateful for the opportunity to share a view of Hindu life with the folks at Apple. The video ends with the observation that while Apple empowers the user, Hinduism Today is using these high-tech tools to help enlighten the world. Now, that's empowerment.