The Aura & ESP

Lorne Media Productions. 50 Minutes. 6925 5th Ave. Suite E433, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

Do you know what an aura is? Probably you do. What about ESP? Yes, certainly. These are common discussion topics nowadays. Actually, they always have been. Yet, despite popular interest, there is very little high-quality, formal education on the subject-especially in video form. In this educational film, professional psychic Patricia Murphy of the Arizona Research well-organized lessons entitled The Aura and ESP: Sensing the World Around You to provide some practical basics of understanding and application in a frequently misunderstood and often criticized field of study. Says Ms. Murphy, "We do not diagnose [in our healing work]. We leave that up to competent professionals in the field. We only make psychic observations and pass that information on to qualified physicians for verification."

Lesson One starts with an elusive definition: "The aura consists of vibratory emanations from the body which fluctuate as the total being constantly harmonizes." With the help of beautiful Kirlian photography, Ms. Murphy explains the common ground of understanding developing between the scientist and the psychic and demonstrates auric seeing and healing, providing us with an easy-to-remember, three-step sequence of practice designed to teach anyone how to see auras. "All of us have this ability and all of us have the right to use it," says Ms. Murphy. "It just takes practice."

ESP: Sensing the World Around You-Lesson Two-continues in the spirit of practical application. Here we learn how to become aware when we get out of touch with our intuitive nature, which is our natural birthright. More color pointers as well as instructions on how to work with plants and animals teach us how get back in touch. Did you know that animals are capable of even seeing the future? This is only one of many things that you will learn from this well-done and unique video.

Puppet Shows

Vedic Cultural Association, 90 Minutes. $27.95 PO Box 1493, Konokaa, Hawaii 96727 Ph: (808) 775-9790

Puppet Shows consists of six delightful skits performed by-yes, that's right-puppets. This collection of stories -each approximately 15 minutes long-is created for children by ISKCON Television (ITV) and is part of a three-video package ($69.95) depicting Puranic Vaishnavism.