Enter one of the most useful Tamil resource sites on the web, the Tamil Electronic Library, Packed with ancient and modern texts, many in the downloadable Mylai Tamil font, this site is a wonderful addition to any Tamilphiles library. It was compiled by Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram of Switzerland and includes a large section on diverse Tamil fonts for the computer. It boasts many poems and songs of Tamil saints including Auvaiyar, Appar, Sundarar and Sambandar. The whole Tirukural is online, much of the Tirumurai and Tirumantiram, the Tirupugal, plus the poetic verses of Tiruvasagam and more.



Take a course in Hindu culture by logging on to Discover India at The eloquently designed site has categories of art, dance, cuisine, music, festivals, history, religion, language, education and more. Find, for example, a description of different styles of dance, or check out its extensive description of Hindu festivals. There's a nice section with good photos of the various kinds of men's and women's clothing in different regions. The site's not quite up with the times on ancient history, however, still propounding the now discredited "Aryan Invasion" theory of India's past.



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I f you're too busy to shop for your favorite Indian foods and spices or live a long distance from an Indian store, feast your eyes on this page, The tastefully done website lets you order a mind-boggling variety of Indian spices, spice mixes, beverages, chutneys, pickles, readymade dinners, snacks, dals and more, all with free shipping! It also has a section with sumptuous recipes from Coconut Ladu to Mattar Paneer, all with a clever button "Buy ingredients for this recipe" that automatically grabs all supplies necessary for the dish and places it in a shopping cart ready to be purchased when you're ready to start cooking!

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