Meat can never be obtained without injury to living creatures, and injury to sentient beings is detrimental to the attainment of heavenly bliss; let him therefore shun meat. Manu Dharma Shastras 5.48

Never may brother hate brother or sister hurt sister. United in heart and in purpose, commune sweetly together. Atharva Veda Samhita 3.30.3

See Him first. Then, every mystery will be solved. Whatever answer I give you, it will not solve your problems. The first thing is to reach God. By seeing God, everything is known. Sri Shivapuri Bapa

Sweet are the sounds of the lute and the flute say those who have not heard the prattle of their own children. Tirukural Verse 66

Verily, when one learns the Rig Veda, one sounds out aum. It is the same with the Sama Veda and the Yajur Veda. This sound is that syllable, the immortal, the fearless. Having entered this, the Gods become immortal, fearless.Chandogya Upanishad 1.4.4.

Oh mother auspicious be thy woodland, thy snow-clad mountains and thy ever-running streams. May the Earth pour out her milk for us, a mother unto me, her son. Prtihvi Sukta Atharva Veda

Like the cry of watchful birds swimming in water, like the loud claps of thundering rain clouds, like the joyful streams gushing from the mountain, so have our hymns sounded forth to the Lord. Rig Veda Samhita 10.68.1

As the sun, the eye of the whole world, is not sullied by the external faults of the eyes, so the one inner soul of all things is not sullied by the sorrow in the world, being external to it. Krishna Yajur Veda, Katha Upanishad 5.11

According as one acts, so does he beome. One becomes virtuous by virtuous action, bad by bad action. Shukla Yajur Veda, Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4.4.5

The Self within the body, pure and resplendent, is attained through the cultivation of truth, austerity, right knowledge and chastity. When their impurities dwindle, the ascetics behold Him. Atharva Veda, Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.5

Among those who strive for liberation, the foremost are those who live the blessed state of family life as it should be lived. Tirukural, Verse 47

After completing the life of a student, let a man become a householder. After completing the life of a householder, let him become a forest dweller, let him renounce all things. Or he may renounce all things directly from the student state or from the householder's state, as well as from that of the forest dweller. Yajur Veda, Paingala Upanishad, 4.9

Husband and wife in sweet accord give milk oblations to the Gods and press and strain the Soma. They come united to the altar. With sons and daughters at their side they live a good long span of years, both decked with precious gold. Devoted to sacrifice, gathering wealth they serve the Immortal, united in mutual love. Rig Veda, 8.31. 5-97