Soma and Rudra, provide for our bodies all needful medicines. Loosen and withdraw from within us whatever sin we have committed, which still adheres within our persons. — Rig Veda 6. 74. 3.

The ancient, effulgent being, the indwelling Spirit, subtle, deep-hidden in the lotus of the heart, is hard to know. But the wise man, following the path of meditation, knows Him, and is freed alike from pleasure and from pain. — Katha Upanishad

Don't ignore the laws of nature. Don't go against nature or you will suffer the consequences. –Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji

For the great-souled, the surest way to liberation is the conviction that "I am Brahman." The two terms, what leads to bondage and what leads to liberation, are the sense of mineness and the absence of the sense of mineness.–Yajur Veda 4.19

Being happy only in one's own Self, considering oneself as the Self, one should perceive oneself as the Self, understanding oneself as the Self. Oneself satisfied in one's own Self, oneself filled up by one's own Self, one should reduce oneself to ashes. Nothing exists besides the Self. — Ribhu Gita 10.30-31

"Come, come!" these radiant offerings invite the worshipper, conveying him thither on the rays of the sun, addressing him pleasantly with words of praise, "This world of Brahman is yours in its purity, gained by your own good works."–Atharva Veda, Mundaka Upanishad 1.2.6

May the Lord find pleasure in our song of praise! Priest among men, may He offer due homage to the heavenly beings! Great, O Lord, is your renown.–Rig Veda 5.13.3

I am, indeed, the Self. I am the Void. I am, verily, the Self. There is nothing mine, ever. I am, indeed, the Self. There are no qualities for me. I am the Self. There is nothing different anywhere. — Sivarahasya ["secret of Siva"], Ribhu Gita, 17.48

May the Goddess of culture and wisdom, associated with the models of other cultures, in company with men, ordinary and intellectual, may the fire divine, and may the Goddess of divine speech come to bless us . –Rig Veda, 7.2.8

Easy for all to offer in worship a green leaf to the Lord. Easy for all to give a mouthful to the cow. Easy for all to give a handful when sitting down to eat. Easy for all to speak pleasant words to others. –Tirumantiram, 252

In your youth, learn the arts and the sciences. Foster, foster the friendship of well-nurtured people. Live in happiness, saying you lack nothing. Look after, look after your brothers and kinfolk. –Natchintanai 178

You must not use your God-given body for killing God's creatures, whether they are human, animal or whatever. — Yajur Veda Samhita, 12.32