RECOVERING: From quintuple heart bypass surgery at New York's Lenox Hill Hospital on July 7 is H.H. Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Swamishri had arrived in New York with a retinue of 12 sadhus for a nationwide tour of Swaminarayan Sanstha temples and centers in North America. The tour was cut short when Swamishri suddenly fell ill. Thousands of followers and well-wishers prayed and fasted for the 78-year-old elder's complete recovery. After the successful surgery by Dr. Subra- manian and his expert team of cardiologists (several of them Swami's followers), Swami rested at a devotee's house in a quite suburb of New York. He had spent 6 days in the hospital before moving out on July 13. As of July 26, Swami's condition is fine, and he is able to eat and walk as per the doctor's advice. While awaiting surgery, Swamishri requested the saints present to sing bhajans and he remained absorbed in worship.

EMBARKING: On a new and ambitious blueprint for life are the world famous classical Indian dancers C.P. Shanta and V.P. Dhananjayan. Having been enriched by dance for so many years, they now want to give back. Their venture is Bhaaskara, a center for Indian culture and arts which they are working to establish in scenic Kerala, on a small hill near an ancient Siva temple. Facilities will include courses in the Indian arts for up to five-hundred students studying in the gurukula system, a craft village and a national theatre.

HONORED: By Pandit Leelapat Sharma, head of the Gayatri Pariwar, Mathura, was Kusumben Patel of Chicago on April 16. Patel was awarded the "Gyan Mashal," the "Torch of Enlightenment," in recognition of her spiritual services in spreading the message of the Pariwar's Guru, Pandit Shree Ram Sharma.