It was fifteen years ago that Jimmy Coleman, quartz miner, first trained his lightbeam on an astonishing crystal. He was 65-feet deep, having just dug into a cavern "pocket" inside his mine in the granite mountains of Arkansas state, southern U.S. An ancient earthquake had dislodged and exposed what he considers to be the rarest crystal in the world. It was perfectly formed, milky white, standing 3' 3", weighing some 500 pounds. Sensing a mysterious destiny, Coleman wrested it to the surface and stored it. Only he and his brother knew about it.

Fifteen years later, in July, 1987, the crystal's destiny became apparent. Almitra Zion, acting as a scout for Saiva Siddhanta Church, had gone to Arkansas looking for a large crystal she had seen in a vision. She found it at Coleman's mine – the same beauty he had stored and told no one about. Coleman sold it and on August 12th, the crystal arrived on Kauai, Hawaii. It is to be installed as a swayambhu (natural) Siva Lingam at the Church's Iraivan Temple on Kauai. Hindu scripture rates crystal as the highest form of Siva Lingam.

The crystal is known as an Earthkeeper. Earthkeepers are a special species. That a single crystal would grow so large in the pressure furnaces under the planet's crust is wonderous enough. They are-thermally passive, radiating coolness on blistering hot days. They can trap and splinter light in a dazzling display. But their lore is even more remarkable. They have only been reconnecting with man since 1986. But the Earthkeepers' association with man stretches back in time way past the lesser and greater ice ages to nearly 2 million years ago – correlating to the Sat and Treta Yuga periods – in Lemuria, a vast continent now mostly under the Pacific and Indian Oceans. It is said that these crystals served as planetary knowledge storage devices, psychic power generators and as microcosmic homes for deva-beings, even Gods, living in interior universes to ours. Today that knowledge is reawakening.

Presently, the Earthkeeper Siva Lingam of Saiva Siddhanta Church is being temporarily installed in Kadavul Hindu Temple, where a ruby-red, low-power laser beam will illumine it. In the future it will be permanently installed as the main icon in the Iraivan Temple at the San Marga (Straight Path to God) Sanctuary founded by Gurudeva, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. Sail Marga, a panoramic 10-acre properly adjacent to the Church's monastery, is dedicated to all sincere followers and admirers of the Hindu dharma. When fully unfolded, it will depict through landscape and architecture every soul's journey to enlightenment.