Subramuniyaswami, Sivaya H.H. First of all, many thanks to all of you for the helpful advice that each and everyone has contributed to assist us in getting the Hindu "Women's" section started. We hope that you enjoy it and know it will get better and better as more and more women send in their contributions. I have just returned from spending a few days in Singapore and Malaysia and two weeks in Mauritius and Reunion, that little, mostly Hindu nation that lies in the Indian Ocean off the coast of South Africa. Mauritius was a grand experience; it really was. This is a country where the Hindu renaissance is happening, where Hindus are taking charge of their destiny and setting new and creative courses for the future. As you know, Hinduism Today is read throughout this island country by almost everyone, Hindus and non-Hindus alike.

We were with many, many Hindu mothers in Mauritius – women who are working diligently to pass on the tradition, to teach their faith to the next generation, to overcome some of the real difficulties that raising children in the '80's poses. There is nothing greater than the mother. What would the world be like without them? The Hindu mother is unique in many ways, and these ways we want to discover and pass along to girls who will become mothers some day so that they may be benefited. We call upon the elderly Hindu mothers this month to share their knowledge, their thoughts and feelings. Please write to Publisher's Desk and share your advice with the generations that have followed you. Your many years of selfless service and family raising have resulted in valuable knowledge that others need, but many have no access to. Here is a chance to pass on your insights, your warnings, your encouragement, your ideals.

To find out what women in the Western world are interested in these days, we took a trip to the local bookstore and found an amazing array of women's magazines. Ms. and Sassy are two of the most popular magazines for girls who will one day become mothers. They have to learn from someplace. Of course, there is much in these so-called modern publications that is untraditional and inappropriate for young women following the Hindu dharma. So, let's get our heads together and provide some of the valuable, traditional knowledge that you as a senior mother know so well. Perhaps you don't speak English, or write like a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism. That is no problem at all. Get someone to do it for you or call and speak with the editor and tell him what he needs to know for the next issue of the Hindu "Women's" page of Hinduism Today.

Now is not a time to be shy about womanly matters. It is very, very important that the knowledge of the Hindu mothers' experience be shared by the senior mothers themselves and distributed worldwide so that standards of Hindu motherhood become equalized, harmonized, and Hindu girls begin all thinking about the same things in the same way. Send us your picture, too, so we can print it along with your advice.

"What next," you may ask, "can we do to help our Publisher's Desk?" Well, we are sure that we will think of something. Something progressive to further Hinduism in thousands of communities, large and small, around the globe. We must always keep in mind that the concept behind this publication is that it monitors the trends of Hindus and Hinduism in today's world. Let us never forget that we all play a pan in this, most especially you, our well-informed readers. For us to know these trends we have to hear of them from you as you live your lives and feel your feelings while being part of the eternal Hindu experience.

Remember, senior mothers, we do really really need to hear from you. Your voice just has to be heard. We have provided a full page in each issue just for you, starting with this issue. Write: Publisher's Desk, Post Office Box 157, Hanamaulu, Hawaii 96715 USA, or call: 808/822-7032.

Article copyright Himalayan Academy.