Subramuniyaswami, Sivaya H.H. A hearty welcome to our new HINDUISM TODAY franchise distributor in Mauritius, PAM Publications. The owner and new Mauritius editor is Mr. Anil Proag, a leader in the publishing industry in his nation and a devout Hindu. The edition will continue to be called the Indian Ocean Edition and will service Mauritius, Reunion Island, Seychelles and other smaller islands in the area. Mr. Proag has some creative professional plans for the paper, and expects to bring the subscriptions up to ten thousand in the months ahead.

There are over 700,000 Hindus in the Indian Ocean, all needing an informed journal to bring the wisdom and global context of our faith to their homes and hearts. We wish the new distributor and all our new readers great good fortune and pray that Lord Ganesha will remove all obstacles as you progress into an abundant future. The Indian Ocean Edition began in October of 1986 and was fostered during its first years by Saiva Siddhanta Church of Mauritius. Readership had been built up throughout the Island by a dedicated staff of Hindu youth. When PAM Publications took over as franchise owners, a fairly large readership, subscription and advertising base had been established. Proag Press has been printing the paper since November of 1988. Theirs is considered the most modern printing facility in the nation and fully competent to meet international quality standards.

By the way, we are still looking for someone in Europe to take up a franchise of HINDUISM TODAY to bring the news to over one million Hindus there. If you know a solid, professional publisher/distributor in Europe who would like to push dharma forward while also establishing a fine business opportunity, write to us and we will make an offer that "you cannot refuse."

Here's a note to our new readers, in whatever nation you live. Please do accept our invitation to write to the editorial offices in Hawaii – we welcome all suggestions, critiques and compliments too, of course.

Well it is summer and it is winter. Both at the same time. Yes, that's right! Summer and winter Hindu children camps are forging the Hinduism of the future at this very moment. On August 1st over 40 children arrived at our editorial offices here in Hawaii to enjoy a few weeks of Hawaiian summer fun coupled with study of the most ancient religion in the world. Winter children camps are being held in Mauritius too. Yes, it is winter there. The seasons are reversed there. "Down under" it's winter and "up over" it's summer. Down under is below the equator, but "up over" is a new term. Don't think that I ever heard it used. It just popped out from fingers on the computer key board. Sounds good though. "Down under" and "up-over." What do you think?

Well, we owe a lot to the children. Here we call them young adults. The word teenager has long ago been put out of our vocabulary, for these good souls will manage the temples and other institutions in the future. What better time for them to learn to manage than now? Yes, the children are the key to the future of this planet. Don't give up on them if they don't behave as you might think that they should. Give them space to grow, to move around in and time to develop their latent talents, which each has if we but help him or her cultivate them. Always be there when they need you. Don't close the door on them. Remember, they have to face and respond to a world that you never had to confront, one that is more harsh, more complex, more demanding.

Theirs is a different world than the one we grew up in, a world where thinking for oneself has taken the place of following orders from elders. Therefore, teach them the art of thinking for themselves using the guidelines of the yamas and niyamas. This can be a gift, a legacy that will be worth more to them than property and a ton of money. The art of making the right decision in line with the dharmic principles is the greatest gift that you can ever give. And a child is never too young to receive this gift.