Teach Puja
Looking for the of Indian publications? India Club's website, is the place to go. They sell books, CDs and more with a firm commitment to promoting Indian books across the globe. Rare books you probably won't find anywhere else are common on this site, with diverse categories such as Indian Art, Biographies of distinguished Indians, Indian Cooking, Fiction, books in Poetry, Health, Yoga & Ayurveda, Religion, Philosophy, History, Current Affairs, Children's books, and much more. India Club even has an online ordering system with fast service, making this a valuable site for any admirer of India.

Eighth World Wonder
Become an explorer and travel via cd to what may well be the eighth wonder of the world: Akshardham, in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Enjoy a multi-media journey through the magnificent temple, exhibition hall and research center created by the BAPS branch Swaminarayan followers. It's famous as one of the only, and certainly the best, Hindu theme parks in the world, offering hours of education and wonder. US$30. Windows. Write any BAPS branch or BAPS, 2500 Woodbridge Ave, Edison, New Jersey 08817, USA. Web:

Kids Learn with Fun
Many Hindu Youth ask: why do we put our hands together in namaste to greet another? Hindu Kids Universe,, explains why, with other key resources for kids and adults, including fun stories and comics. There is also a "learn" section with the dos and don'ts of Hinduism (the niyamas and yamas) extracted from Hinduism Today.

Total India
India is still a land of snake charmers and elephants to some. Manas,, sheds a different light on India. Explore categories such as culture, landscape, religions, diaspora, social issues, history and politics, and clearly see why India is such a special place. In the architecture section, just for one example, there is a page on the intricate stepwells of India, some with many storied columns, and complex pathways that make these one more of India's unique, but little-known, contributions.