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Youth: The Critical Search for Identity
Two essays on what it means to be a Hindu and an American
Youth: The Journey Begins
How a visit to a temple magically turned one twelve-year-old’s embarrassment for Hinduism into an outspoken pride in her faith
Special Malaysian Feature: Lord Murugan’s Transforming ...
Temple Building: Forty Priests Bring Twelve-Year Project to ...
Former temple chairman and surveyor, P. Kuvenaraju, a key figure in the new temple’s construction, provides an account of the building process.
Karma Yoga: Lord Murugan’s Stalwart Servants
A Penang Island youth group sets a world standard for community service, volunteerism and teamwork, conducting a wide array of temple programs.
Voices: SYBO volunteers share how their service to the ...
Cultures: Vietnam’s Champa Kingdom Marches on
A rare look at the Balamon Cham, one of only two surviving non-Indic indigenous Hindu peoples in the world, with a culture dating back thousands of years
Exhibits: Yoga: The Art of Transformation
Sackler Gallery's superlative exhibition showcases the manifestations of yoga through the course of India's long history
Scripture: Guru’s Grace Empowers Philosophical Treatise
A modern monk completes the Swaminarayan Bhashyam, a scriptural commentary in a formal Sanskrit style not exercised for centuries
Television: Chinmaya Mission Creates a Hit TV Series
The 54-part Upanishad Ganga offers a systematic presentation of key Hindu and Vedantic teachings in an innovative retelling of ancient stories
Environment: Rescuing the Source of Life: Water
The Global Interfaith WASH Alliance brings religious leaders together to hasten urgently needed projects for clean water, sanitation and hygiene
Educational Insight: Anger Management
Ways to Tame Our Most Destructive Emotion
In My Opinion: Unlocking the Past
How Sanskrit reconnected me with my ancient and profound cultural heritage
Publisher's Desk: Hinduism: the Original Humanism
A critical examination of secular humanism and Hindu humanism for youth immersed in the academic atheism of college
From The Agamas: Marvel at Mount Meru’s Majesty
A celestial abode, endowed with lustrous cities encircled by heavenly lands
Ecology: For Sustainability, Look to India
Wealthy nations can learn from her frugal, vegetarian-friendly lifestyle
Opinion: Canada’s Hindu Crisis
Identifying the key challenges facing Sri Lankan Tamil youth in the Great White North
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Quotes and Quips
Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.
Digital Dharma: Internet Security
Free Content Filtering with OpenDNS
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