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Digital Dharma
Category : July/August/September 2004

Digital Dharma

Digital Dharma

Power Center in Sri Lanka

Due south of Mt. kailas, in the steamy jungles of southeastern Sri Lanka, lies Kataragama, the abode of Skanda-Murugan. This pilgrimage center for devotees of Lord Skanda is unique in being claimed as a sacred space by every ethnic group in the country. Obviously a power point between worlds, Kataragama is shrouded in mysterious legends and graced by evolved souls. A deep collection of substantive articles on the lore of this intriguing site can be found at http://kataragama.org. Be prepared for days of fascinating reading and links transporting you into Lord Murugan's realm.


Online Gallery

Best known for his exhibitions, Meeting God, Elements of Hindu Devotion and Puja: Expressions of Hindu Devotion, Stephen Huyler, anthropologist, photographer and author, is to be commended for drawing public awareness to life in India and the devotional ways of the Hindu people. Dr. Huyler's website, located at http://www.stephenhuyler.com, focuses exclusively on his discoveries in India. There are sections on his exhibitions, books and galleries of exquisite images that pay tribute to Indians and their God-permeated lifestyle.


Grandpa Says

Here is help for parents who seek to stem the mostly worldly media sensory overload overwhelming their children's minds. Give them the gift of the clear, soothing and eloquent voice of Kanai L. Mukherjee ( "Grandpa ") narrating hundreds of audio and animated videos on CDs, DVDs and tapes. Young minds will be enthralled while learning high values from Panchatantra, Jataka Tales, Mahabharata and more. Great quality and prices at http://www.agiivideo.com.


Indira's Well

The Indira Gandhi Center for the Arts, http://ignca.nic.in, began twenty years ago, in memory of Smt. Gandhi, as a pioneering effort to showcase and preserve fragments of Indian art and culture. It is now an incredibly deep cultural repository for electronic books, digital images and audio/visual recordings. Utilizing the latest computer technology, the IGNCA works to support the holistic role of the arts as essential to the integral quality of a person, at home with himself and society.