Walker, Dael The key to all healing is energy. Anything which blocks or deprives a cell of energy will weaken it. When that happens, the cell sends out a signal to the brain requesting energy to alleviate the problem. It is saying, in essence, "Help! I'm low on energy, send me enough to repair myself." If the brain hears the request and has enough bio-energy to send to the cell, it will do so.

Certain conditions can alter the brain's ability to respond to the call. Drugs, alcohol or other methods can cause an altered state where the signals are received poorly or not at all. Hypnosis has shown that the mind can turn off the pain signals allowing painless dentistry and surgery.

If the brain has enough bio-energy in reserve, and it hears the signal dearly, it will send the appropriate amount of energy to the cell, which will use it to operate the automatic repair, maintenance, rejuvenation and replacement process. When this reaches a certain level of automatic repair, the pain signal is no longer needed & begins to reduce or turn off.

Modern allopathic medicine does this surgically by excising or cutting out an area which blocks the energy flow or connecting separated areas together to allow the flow to be resumed.

Drugs use chemicals to stimulate an energy response to a specific problem. They are designed to operate through the chemical systems of the body to manipulate the energy in specific areas. Both techniques have good and bad aspects. The good comes from the immediacy of the therapy. Surgery allows a problem area to be eliminated so the energy flow is no longer blocked to the cells. It is quick and can be precise. The bad part is the traumatic effect surgery has on the immune system. Many times surgery proves to be too much, and the client dies or has a long-term recuperation period.

Drugs are helpful because they work fast and can isolate and work in specific areas on specific ailments. Problems arise because drugs are a synthetic material manufactured by man. They do not exist naturally. The body is a natural substance. It is designed to absorb and use other natural substances. It can handle natural herbs as medicine but when designed, concentrated drugs are taken into the body, the body must convert the drugs into materials the body can accept. This takes energy and weakens the body, resulting in side effects which can be very undesirable. Drugs may overstimulate the desired area. They can also stimulate or affect areas which should not be affected. This can have a negative reaction.

Crystals only supply energy. They have no ill side-effects. They give the cells what is needed for repairing and maintaining health. When the mind is linked to the crystals, they serve as an amplifier to increase the healing process. Through the language of symbols, used in the visualizing process, the mind can be directed to the areas of imbalance and told to balance the energy of that area. Several problems can be worked on simultaneously with speedy results.

The crystal energy can be used to precharge an area before surgery to reduce the trauma to the cells. It can be used after surgery to replace the energy loss caused by that trauma. Chemotherapy is an accepted method of treatment for some forms, of cancer. It has very undesirable side effects. These can be minimized if crystals are used to stabilize and balance the chakra energy field, easily done when the mind and crystal are linked.

Drugs and surgery only operated through the physical body Crystals amplify and access all levels of mind, emotion, spirit and body. The thoughts and emotions we generate or absorb from others create our physical condition. For healing to last, we need to stabilize and balance all levels. If possible, we want to access and change the program or the cause, which created the physical imbalance or dis-ease to occur.

Crystals can move the mind into the suggestible area where it can be programmed to create physical changes. Holding a quartz crystal on the body causes a greater amount of alpha brain waves to be generated. Visualizing going inside a crystal puts the mind immediately in this brain wave frequency. Alpha is the mind/brain level where suggestibility to the subconscious mind computer first begins. It is at this level old causal programs can be accessed and reprogrammed. This reprogramming can eliminate the cause of an illness and through proper suggestions speed up the healing process.

Standard medical practice methods need help. Drugs and surgery are needed but they are overused Reliance on these methods exclusively does not achieve enough satisfying results. If crystals are used with them, such an alliance would be beneficial.

Article copyright Himalayan Academy.