Imagine a scientist so brilliant that he "discovered" the mathematical formula for the creation, preservation and dissolution of the universe.

Imagine that this brilliant scientist transposed this wonderful formula into a geometrical pattern. The pattern is such an accurate picture of the creation formula that every time the scientist looks at it he experiences the creation itself.

In fact, the geometrical pattern representing the creation is so accurate that it is capable of generating a tremendous force which serves to protect and make prosperous all those who are drawn to it. And to those who meditate upon its unique design, the so-called "mysteries" of the universe are revealed.

This is not a science fiction story. The brilliant scientists who "discovered" the creation formula are the rishis of ancient India. Because of their lofty meditations, they were able to "see" the truths of the universe. These truths the rishis attempted to render into mantra yantra (visual patterns), and so that they would be preserved for the benefit of mankind throughout the ages.

Today the pattern of the creation formula – the Sri Chakra – remains the most powerful force in the world for the peace and upliftment of mankind. The Supreme Absolute in the form of Mother has given birth to the universe and provides for the prosperity and enlightenment of Her children with loving compassion.

Meditation on the Sri Chakra is one way through which men may open their inner eye to see the Truth. Worship of the Sri Chakra is prayer and meditation in action. Puja establishes a flow of energy between man and Divinity. Sri Chakra puja creates a continual flow between man and that part of his self within which resides the divine Mother-Creator.

Worship and meditation bring man into union with this creative force until, eventually, man and creator become one and the same. This is the power of Sri Chakra, a scientific advancement so ancient that it extends beyond the comprehension of 'modern' scientists.

Article copyright Himalayan Academy.