COMMEMORATED: Sri Aurobindo's 125th birth anniversary with a conference to be held July 25-29 in New York, sponsored by Matagiri Center. Devotees from around the world will share practices and experiences of the great Yogi and the Mother. Sri Aurobindo urged seekers to view our world not as illusory, but the scene of spiritual evolution out of which Divine Consciousness is manifested.

TRANSITIONS: Swami Vidhya Saraswati to the higher worlds. Born in Glencoe, South Africa, she inspired many to be active in the broader community, promoting education in both English and Hindi to perpetuate Hindu heritage. She was a South African original in several ways: ordained Vedic pandita in the early 1980s, Hindu sannyasini in 1983 and first president of Arya Sthree Samaj.

In Delhi, Prof. Veda Vyasa, 94, doyen of Dayanand Anglo-Vedic Education Society (DAV) chain of educational institutions and Arya Samaj leader. He was a zealous activist, participating in the Non-Cooperation movement during India's freedom struggle and the Shuddhi Movement organized by Mahatma Hans Raj and Swami Shraddhanand for reconversion of Malkana Rajputs whose ancestors adopted Islam.

50TH WEDDING: anniversary for Hinduism Today supporters Shankerprasad S. Bhatt and wife Ranjan at a 150-strong event held by his six children on May 3 in Illinois. "It is the duty of every Hindu elder to pass on the ancient knowledge of our religion to our children and grandchildren," he said.