An Interview with Paolo Rivosecchi

Hinduism is great source of life-changing concepts in Italy. I met a fascinating 28-year-old Italian who has been working on the principles of Hinduism. Based in Milano, he incorporates yoga and Hindu re-incarnational philosophy into "Holistic Therapy."

Hinduism TODAY: What is your program at the center?

Rivosecchi: In my home I have established a "Centro Cultura Yoga – Sarasvati," Which, as indicated by its name, is decided to the Goddess of arts and learning, especially in the field of spiritual Self-Realization. We have lessons in hatha yoga and weekly meetings where we study the Vedic literatures like the Bhagavad Gita, focusing on themes like karma, reincarnation and other aspects of yogic culture. The particular aspect which is quite new and I represent here in Italy is the practice called "Past life regression." It is a guided meditation technique through which a person relaxes into a deep altered state of consciousness thereby opening up access to unconscious memories. They experience by direct inner perception – much like a dream state – the happenings of which he or she has no conscious recall, from childhood memories to the pre-birth state in the womb back to past incarnations.

HT: How does this help the individual?

PR: Through the recall of the long journey of his soul in many different life forms and environments the person inevitably discovers that life is in fact a school in which we are learning to deal with the things that come in our life – in order to grow to the final perfection of total harmony with God. This attitude is very handy when someone is facing problems or difficult times in life. By focusing on the karmic causes hidden behind our present conditions we are allowed to see these under a new, more encouraging light. It is not uncommon that past life regression may solve concrete mental ills.

HT: What led you to this past life work?

About three years ago I heard about the research being done in many other countries about the link between certain psychological disorders and their root causes in the past. I decided to study clinical hypno-therapy and neuro-linguistic programming. My approach to psycho-therapy is yogic. When I opened this practice in Milano I was very happy to see there is much interest here. Many people came for therapy then come on a regular basis for meditation. Past life regression has represented the beginning of the path, not just a temporary experience. That is what pleases me most.

HT: How about personal lifestyle life with the aim of achieving high thoughts. In Italy more and more people are becoming vegetarians. Practically everybody who comes to the my Center moved towards vegetarianism in a matter of months. This summer I was asked to help establish a vegetarian restaurant in Milano. It now serves a full range of Italian and Indian vegetarian plates in an atmosphere of temple.

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