This year's pune festival in India acknowledged Ganesha's dominion over information technology. Previewing their new CD-ROM titled "God of Knowledge," the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing launched "Operation Knowledge," appealing to temples to install computers in front of Ganesha and demonstrate them to devotees. Temples are requested to each gift at least one computer to a school.

Draft Your Prosperity
What if your company offices are designed to absorb the sun's positive morning rays and block negative afternoon rays, and leave an open space in the middle to compensate for magnetism? You'll generate health and happiness, according to the "Vastushastra, Indian Science of Structure" CD-ROM. It reveals how this ancient system works with sun, wind, gravity and magnetic fields to create a harmonious space. It depends on where you live, so the CD recommends home and business layouts for each major world city. Contact: Unnaty Vastu Consultants, 207 Majestic Shopping Center, J.S.S. Road, Girgaum, Mumbai 400004 India. Website: www.allindian.com

Air to Cyberwaves
Ever since the bhajana-wali Devotional Program, Toronto's only charitable radio show on Hinduism, hit the waves in 1981, listeners asked for more broadcast space. That just happened via a new website at www.bhajanawali.com. You'll need the free RealAudio program, because sound files make up the substance of this site. Relax as you hear the best bhajanas aired from '90 to '98–a full four hours of devotional music online! You'll find talks like "Eight Reasons to Celebrate Deepavali" and "The Art of Prayer," interviews with swamis and explanations of powers wielded by the Gods.

Puja Done Right
Swami vivekananda once prophesized that Western-born souls would vivify India's soul. That's what happened when the Smithsonian Institution's Arthur Sackler Gallery in Washington, DC, put on its award-winning puja exhibition (see HT Dec., '96). Complimenting that effort, the Smithsonian has a first-rate website (www.si.edu/asia/puja/) designed to be an online guide for educators. It offers discussions with young US Hindus, activities for students, a glossary and pronunciation guide, an annotated bibliography and resources for teaching Hinduism. The site's video clips of abhisheka and the waving of lamps bring puja alive.