Classical indian dance has never been more clearly presented than It's a great introduction to the main schools of Indian dance. The site blends the elements of technology and dance to give a simple yet beautifully detailed explanation. Click on each of the menus on the left and learn about the hand gestures, sculptures, styles and more. It includes links to other dance sites as well as information about the website's creator, Dr. Siri Rama. Here is a delightful place, sure to awaken an appreciation for this artistic expression.



In these days of the Kali Yuga, we are very much in need of words from enlightened souls who can see beyond the problems of the times. To help direct these energies, Hinduism Today is pleased to present a library of Inspired Talks, fondly known as CyberTalks, ( []) by its Publisher, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. Over 600 categorized talks from 1998 to the present address many problems or questions on everyday life and how to handle them from the perspective of a Hindu. Topics include karma, soul, drugs, family, relationships, meditation, the spiritual path, yoga, festivals, the guru, the mind, affirmations and more. This valuable resource gives solace, answers and many times a chuckle at ourselves. The Talks are in Real Audio, MP3 or Wav format. Many of them have translations into Tamil, French and Malay.


All About Diwali

One of the most celebrated of all Hindu festivals is Diwali (or Dipavali). Hindus around the world, regardless of their sect, join together for the festivities which occur in October/November every year. Rows of tiny lights are lit to drive away evil spirits and bring peace and goodness into the home. The websitewww.diwalimela.comis an excellent resource encompassing the many traditions of this holiday from North India to South. Recipes and gifts, as well as electronic cards, screensavers and links are a few clicks away. This site is a great way to gain another perspective on how to create your own Diwali celebration.


Be Aware Of Movies

It's Friday night, you and the kids want to eat popcorn and see a good movie. Now comes the big decision-what do you want to watch? Is it good? What about the language? Violence? Sex? Isn't there some way to find out? Go towww.screenit.comfor extensive, unbiased reviews of current movies and music, so parents can decide if it is appropriate for them and/or the kids, based on their values. Each movie is meticulously studied and assigned a rating that summarizes the quantity and degree of possibly objectionable content divided into categories such as blood/gore, sex/nudity and even as subtle as inappropriate music. Also explained is how it appeals to children and a note to parents.