Enter the cyber portal to the denomination founded by the 10th century saint, Sri Ramanuja, at www., the "Sri Vaishnava Homepage." Each page of this extensive website is a devotional experience, whether it be reading the poems of the saints or viewing rare photos of the major Vaishnava Deities enshrined in India. Other pages are dedicated to the writings of prominent philosophers, such as Vedanta Desika. A useful website for both devotees and students of this major Hindu

Karmic Chaos
Let neither offbeat title nor cover art keep you from enjoying a fascinating high-tech journey into the Hindu universe on the "Karmic Chaos" CD. Enthusiastic narration and an original music score showcase Vaishnava Hinduism in four main sections: pantheon, legacy, society, beliefs. Video clips include the Ganesha Visarjana festival and the name-giving ceremony. Click on any unknown word and you're whisked to the extensive glossary. US$24.95. Windows. Write: SaralSoft, P.O. Box 3671, Santa Clara, California 95055 USA. Web:

Learning Hinduism
Uk students can now ace their government GCSE exam on Hinduism with a visit to the Vivekananda Centre London at http://www. Here you find lessons on religion, science and spirituality, a glossary, plus lists of tapes and books available from the Centre–all to give primary and secondary students that extra edge.

Out of ancient India comes a miracle tree that will cure our ailments, prevent pregnancy, chase away pests and filter our air. Sound like a fairytale? It's not. The Neem Foundation (, explains the tree's many uses and legendary history in India. For farmers, the tree is both a fertilizer and pest controller. The leaves keep grains pest-free and twigs are village toothbrushes. For the biologist, neem restores ravaged ecosystems. The leaf is a famous remedy for numerous disorders, especially of the skin. Little wonder it's "one of the most promising trees of the 21st century."