If you have ever wondered where to learn about the why and how of celebrations of India's major religions, this is the place, or should we say, the CD. Magic Software takes you on an interactive ride through Buddhism all the way to Zoroastrianism. You can read about each faith's beliefs and historical backgrounds along with an explanation of the religion's unique calendar. Click on a sound button, and words and phrases are pronounced for you. Festivals and ceremonies are described in detail and video vignettes take you inside of shrines and march you in parades only those within the religion are privileged to see. This is a powerful tool for building tolerance and understanding of others' beliefs and practices. Available for US$39.95, it's for Windows only (not again!). Write to: Magic Software Pvt. Ltd., F-6 Kailash Colony, New Delhi, 110 048, India.



Anasuya Sengupta's "Silence," a poem about woman not speaking out, became famous when Hillary Rodham Clinton recited it during her 1996 India tour. And now other Hindu poets are waxing poetic on the Web. Examples at Indolink (genius.net/indolink/Poetry/tgorIndx.html) include Srinivas Uppugunduri's "Final Journey," a reading on reincarnation, and Bhargavi C. Mandava's poignant piece concerning an aged grandmother entitled, "Moonsweets." Writes Mandava, "She stares straight ahead as if rudraksha beads were passing beneath her thumb, but she is not meditating–she is cooking." But before going to Indolink, first contemplate Rabindranath Tagore's classic, "A Woman on a Pilgrimage," at Uma Ramamurthy's home page: msci.memphis.edu/~ramamurt/poetry.html



Save time searching for sites dealing with Eastern religions, oriental culture and Asian countries on the Web. The people at Panthers Cave (check out their Hawaiian pages) have collected links to over 120 of some of the best and most unique. Specializing in Nepal, you can also browse through travelogues full of photos from Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tibet and Myanmar. Visit rare Asian art and photo galleries and dance, music, Sanskrit, astrology and Buddhism pages. Listen to broadcasts at Radio Asianet and find Indian Internet providers, on-line newspapers, universities, chat and FTP sites. You can even shop on-line for Asian clothing, handicrafts and spices. Go to lava.net/~panther/east.html



Now a budding digital magazine is on the Web–"Teen Vegetarian." Published by and for like-minded vegetarian teens, it's a place to read and submit articles and book reviews, share recipes, link to vegetarian websites and organizations and find e-mail addresses. And that's a breath of fresh air for some veggie teens. One 16-year-old girl from Calgary, Canada, wrote in the penpal section, "I have been a vegetarian for 4 years and am working towards being vegan. It's hard growing up surrounded by animal-eaters. I've never met another vegetarian! I'm looking for anyone who wants to talk!" Make new friends at geocities.com/HotSprings/2657/

The mind, indeed, is this fleeting world
Therefore, it should be purified with great effort.One becomes what is in one's mind–this is the everlasting secret.

Krishna Yajur Veda Maitreya Upanishad 6.34