Subramuniyaswami, Sivaya H.H. You know that I know, and I know that you know that I know that speaking highly of one's accomplishments is not considered the noblest manner of life. Humility is the strength that drives us onward through the challenges of our own making. So, now that that has been said, you will pardon your publisher for being just a little proud of HINDUISM TODAY. This big little newspaper has made its mark in the world during the ten short years that it has been in existence, and we would like to share our joy with you, our dear reader. A few days ago I was handed a letter our editor had written to India West, a newspaper in California. Most of our full-page letter was a detailed response to a Goa Christian's letter-to-the-editor, published in India West stating his doubts about statistics our staff assembled on efforts to convert Hindus to other faiths. He doubted the size of financial resources spent each year, only to find that our source was audited Christian missionary reports. As this man apparently knew little about our paper, we shared with him – and now with you-this broader view…We hope you enjoy it!

"HINDUISM TODAY, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary, enjoys a great respect as the only truly global paper to report on Hindu leaders, events, institutions, ideas and culture. We must be doing something right, for our publisher and editor were chosen to represent the Sanatana Dharma at last year's Global Forum for Human Survival in Oxford-where 75 political leaders and 75 spiritual leaders joined to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing mankind. Each month we print issues simultaneously in California and in the Indian Ocean (Mauritius), and before the summer is over publishers will be printing our paper in Malaysia, India and South Africa. Last month we were chosen by one of America's most prestigious international serials distributors to carry our issues. Bell and Howell is wanting to put our paper on microfilm and index it for US libraries. Last year Apple Computer selected our paper as its Desktop Publishing User for the Spring Quarter and flew a video crew to Hawaii to film our advanced technology. This January, Jean-Louis Gassee (Apple's "technology guru") stood before a crowd of 2,000 at the Mac World Expo in San Francisco and ran that video on a 12-foot screen to show the world what his "empowering tools" were capable of, and showing off our network of 10 Mac Pluses and 11 Mac II's, LaserWriters, graphic scanners and more. MacConnection gave HINDUISM TODAY a $500 reward for our graphic and typographic expertise in Desktop Publishing and ran a full-page ad in a million copies of two of America's most prestigious computer magazines (MacWorld and MacUser). Not bad for a tiny newspaper in Hawaii."

Well that's it! Nice. We know the law "praise comes before blame." And it works very well during this time in the Kali Yuga, but it's nice, isn't it, to see Hinduism – this great ancient religion – being looked at so closely and so kindly through this little publication by the outside world.

Our earnest desire in beginning this publication was to unite, through knowledge, the Hindus of the world, thus creating a Hindu Solidarity impervious to ignorance, prudishness and apathy. This has been accomplished, somewhat, and to complete the job, we must depend upon you, our readers. You can help, and you can help in this way. Begin a monthly HINDUISM TODAY Discussion Group in your community. Each week we hear of a new group that has been formed. Information is the modern tool that makes the world go 'round, so to speak. Information keeps us aware and alive to the changing world about us. It is a vital gift to be shared with others and most especially with the young people. And, let them ask all the questions that they want. They are the ones that need the answers, the understanding and spiritual outlook. It is their decisions that will shape the Sanatana Dharma of tomorrow.