You may have noticed, if you a seasoned reader of Hinduism Today, that you got to the last page a little quicker this issue. There is a reason. On February 14th, the winds of change blew through our editorial offices in Hawaii so strongly that our entire office was swept off to California, lock, stock and Macintosh! To give us time to set up our network, files and resources, we shortened this edition. Kidding aside, it was a well-considered move inspired by our publisher's meditations on our best effectiveness as an international newspaper. Within 24 hours of the decision, we departed for the airport with a truck full of boxes and suitcases and flew off for the "Mainland America."

The move took us out of our sequestered monastery in the middle of the Pacific and landed us in the center of the "real world." Four days later, we were back in operation having unpacked, plugged in and re-established our well-oiled news machine at its new home, 1819 Second Street in Concord. This is now a four-part complex: 1) Palaniswami Sivan Temple, 2) the Tiruvadi monastery (where we reside) and 3) the editorial and advertising offices of Hinduism Today and 4) Himalayan Academy (where we will share in conducting the weekly and bi-monthly seminars on Saiva Siddhanta.)

The benefits of the transfer were immediate. Yesterday, in just 45 minutes Brahmachari Meru, age 19, our newest staff member, garnered a 15-page letter from the Pope's office for a story in this issue. That would have taken a week from Kauai. Murugaswami needed a photo from India West; a short call and it was in his hands. Journalists now drop in freely to discuss article assignments with Arumugaswami, and many interviews once done by phone are now face-to-face. We will be attending more conferences to bring you the news (invitations are welcome), and traveling more in general.

Last but not least, subscribers like yourself can drop in with comments, suggestions and just to get acquainted – but only after the upcoming grand-opening, to be announced. Currently we are begging for donations for a face-lift for these well-worn rooms. By the way, our advertising office. managed by Sadhaka Dasa, in now in Concord, too.

Concord is a fast-paced, sprawling suburb of San Francisco, nestled at the foot of Mount Diablo, which the American Indians hold as sacred. There's lots of traffic, but good public transportation, which we use, along with a car and some old-fashioned bicycles.

Back in Hawaii, enjoying a much roomier shop, Palaniswami, editor, and Natarajaswami, art director, are in touch with us by tax and MCI. Our monthly Publisher's Desk meetings to plan the next edition will be done via conference phone.

Article copyright Himalayan Academy.