Like many swamis in Bharat, the Sankaracharyas of the Sri Kamakoti Peetam at Kanchipuram follow a discipline of never leaving the country. But now you can go to them on the World Wide Web and learn about their 1200-year-old message and mission. This humble site, created by MaheshNet, introduces the Mutt, its founder, Adi Sankara, and the Jagadgurus who succeeded him. Their activities are highlighted, including havans, social service, revival of traditional customs, temple renovation, promotion of Vedic study among youth, and building of temples, libraries and medical centers. Meet the gurus at:



One of the most comprehensive resources for information is the WWW Virtual Library. With no frills or graphics to slow you down, you can quickly find links ranging from Aboriginal Studies to Zoos. Updated frequently by the Australian National University, the library includes an Asian category with links to websites relating to Bharat. Here you can find home pages for nearly every Indian state and many cities, plus sites on art and culture, music, poetry, business, history, languages, news, recipes, maps, religion and travel. Find them at



Krea Publishing introduces this image-rich interactive multimedia CD on the life of Mahatma Gandhi. It's ideal for teaching today's computer generation the significance of Gandhi's role in India's liberation from British rule, his history-changing teachings of nonviolence and his urging us to return to tradition. Edited by a team of scholars, it includes 45 minutes of video clips, 175 photos, copies of original handwritten letters and recordings of Gandhi's voice. Hrrummpf–it's available only for Windows. Write to: Krea Publishing, 535 Everette Ave., Suite 405, Palo Alto, California 94301 USA.



Now you can discover some of the best of Hindu women's journalism on the Web. The Journal of South Asia Women Studies offers scholars an opportunity to practice one of the ancient 64 kalas or arts, drama and storytelling–by submitting papers which address theoretical and practical issues relating to South Asian countries. You can download current and back issues and subscribe free by e-mail. Or browse through multifaceted subjects ranging from law, civil rights, politics and gender issues to philosophy, literature, poetry, dance, music, folklore and more. And this distaff stuff is easy to find. For example, a query for the word Hindu returned 150 matches. Enjoy reading at