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The most extensive and approachable resource there is

By Nilima Srikantha, Nevada, USA

One of Gurudeva's spectacular contributions to the perpetuation of Hindu Dharma is his marvelous, multi-faceted site on the World Wide Web. This has created a heightened awareness of HinduismÑespecially among the "cyber-generation." It has transformed Hinduism's image from some old historic religion to a dynamic, rich religion of today and the future. The pages of Hinduism Online draw over 200,000 visitors per monthÑwell over 5,000 per day. Text and graphics amount to 350 megabytes, plus 2 gigabytes of sound files. Visitors download over 12 gigabytes of information every month. One of Gurudeva's more recent popular innovations is Today at Kauai Aadheenam, TAKA, as it has come to be known. Located at []and updated daily, the site is a window into Kauai's Hindu Monastery a refreshing glimpse into the joyous, pristine life of the monastics and their service to humanity. For many, TAKA is a way to watch the progress of Iraivan Temple as it grows each day, erected stone by stone by seven Indian craftsmen. TAKA is also the home of Gurudeva's audio "Cybertalks"Ñand now of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami'sÑwords of wisdom to set the tone for the day. We receive frequent comments on the far-reaching effects of TAKA. A Hindu in Malaysia wrote, "I enjoy the daily TAKA web pages. Each evening, I sit and listen to one of Gurudeva's archived talks prior to my meditation and prayer. It has become the center of my day."

Always on the crest of technology, Gurudeva was one of the first to see the potential of Hinduism on the Internet. He started by posting HINDUISM TODAY in 1994. By 1995, several of Gurudeva's books and pamphlets had been added. Like a prolific banyan tree, the site has expanded immensely and continues to flourish.

Another premier presence, important to people exploring current events, is Hinduism Today, [], posting over 85 past issues back to 1993. The most recent addition to the family, Hindu Press International (HPI) presents a daily collection of Hindu news from the world media. It is also available through e-mail subscription.

For researchers like me, there is no better source on the Web for realistic, well-explained Hindu teachings than Hinduism Online, []. The resources here have reached a depth that is almost mind-boggling. Of course, all of Gurudeva's beautiful books are there to buy, but the selection of online books with complete text, []is truly amazing!

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