Over the years a stream of Gita, Mahabharata and Ramayana editions have been widely available. But these are not Hinduism's primary scriptures–the Vedas. Of these, one could only find a few volumes of Upanishads, many out of print. But the Internet is breaking the barriers. The answer to "Where are the Vedas?" is now "On the web!" Here are just three sites among many that are doing great service to the ancient heritage and future generations. At http:/www.omkarananda-ashram.org [http:/www.omkarananda-ashram.org] ashram devotees continue to push the envelope on making Devanagiri easy to enter, use and print with their Itranslator technology. At http:/sanskrit.gde.to [http:/sanskrit.gde.to].to we find a clear, refreshingly no-nonsense site that is an ocean of documents and audio recordings. And the scholars of Sri Sathya Sai Veda Prathishtan, http:/www.vedamu.org [http:/www.vedamu.org], are committed to delivering "Vedic literature in its entirety, " putting thousands of scans into "e-books." All this in less than a decade, and it's just the beginning. From being "trapped" on ola leaves and in an oral tradition, Sanskrit is suddenly "instantly" accessible. Of course you do need to learn it. But, no problem, these sites also provide tools for those who want to read and chant the "language of the Gods."



A digital revolution is happening, some say it is bigger than the industrial revolution. Where is it headed? There is at least one clear answer: it is headed straight for the family entertainment-education center in your home. And Hinduism Today plans to be right there. It is not easy to keep pace with today's breathtaking speed of innovation. But we are doing our best. Hinduism Today Digital Edition, Version 1.0 officially launches with this issue from http:/www.hinduismtoday.com/digital [http:/www.hinduismtoday.com/digital/]. Our current vehicle will be Adobe interactive PDFs using Quicktime to deliver rich media from inside the pages: movies, sound, slide shows and hot links to web resources. We are also writing our own software to help you manage your digital collection, download files, install the software you need, browse back issues and more. So, gather your family around and browse the digital edition together. Watch the movie on page 23, listen to the simple home puja, page I-5. Then, agree to meet again for the coming issues and enjoy all the improvements each time.