A poetic Vedic insight into the God’s ancient and mysterious elixir


The following is a translation from the Yajurveda, chapter 20, sections 59, 63-69. These Vedic pages contain information about soma, the mysterious nectar once used for Hindu ceremonies. The Vedic poet Vidarbhi Rishi extols the creation and use of soma.

59 The scholars of science and medicine and women of knowledge and motherly love, with all their research and yajnic dedication, should create and bear for Indra pure nectars of vitality distilled from the juices extracted from all herbs for the cure of chronic and deadly diseases.

63 Three motherly spirits, Vedic vision, knowledge and wisdom, the motherland and two powers of health and medicine, may distill and create the intense and joyous nectar of soma extracted from all nature for Indra, the human soul, in three ways—for physical, mental and spiritual nourishment.

64 The soma juice of health having been prepared for us and Indra, the ruling powers, may the Ashvinis, cleansing powers of nature and the scholars, Sarasvati, generous motherly women of knowledge, and tvashta, refiners and creators of beautiful forms, bless us with honey-sweets of life, honor, wealth and prosperity and graceful forms of individual and social life appropriate for everyone.

65 Let Indra, the ruling power, the chief of the forests, the great growing trees, the generous cow and the enlightened mother, Sarasvati, with the advice and expertise of the Ashvinis, scholars of health care and medication, create and produce powerful honey-tonics from the flowing and fermenting juices according to the seasons.

66 Ashvinis, expert powers of health and nutrition, like milk produced and held by cows, create and hold for the man of power and glory soma, honey-sweet tonics, distilled from widely extracted juices mixed with curds and barley prepared by the generous mother Sarasvati with love and dedication.

67 Let the Ashvinis, scholars of health and nature, and Sarasvati, expert of science and the divine word, with their intelligence and vision, distill and create from the heavenly waters of space, modes of prakriti, pure vitality, exceptional drinks, wealth and prosperity, sacred materials for yajna, and noble mind and senses worthy of the man of honor and glory.

68 Indra, man of power and glory, whom the Ashvinis, masters of health and vitality, and Sarasvati, lady of knowledge and divine speech, together, created and reared with holy foods and drinks, could surely break through the wondrous vitalities of nature hidden in the heavenly waters of space.

69 That wondrous vitality of soma which the animals, both the Ashvinis, scholars of life sciences, and Sarasvati, generous mother scholar of knowledge and divine vision share and bear in common, you all celebrate and intensify in yajna with powerful holy offerings and yourselves shine bright in consequence.


Divine creations: Women and men of ancient times pounding leaves of the soma plant to prepare the sacred drink

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