When Lord Siva comes to a temple in the form of Siva Lingam, you have everything-love, intelligence, abundance, kindness. Worshipping Siva creates a figure 8, a circle, two circles. The love you have for Siva comes right back to you from Siva, double. You love Siva a little bit, Siva loves you a lot. When your love matches Siva's love, when your love for Siva equals Siva's love for you, then no more problems-bliss consciousness. You live like writing on water. Your creative energies are flowing. You become That which everybody is seeking to become.

That's Saiva Siddhanta! That's the ultimate of yoga. That's the ultimate of tantra, the ultimate of yantra. The ultimate is simply loving Siva. All of the Nayanars simply loved Siva and they had everything. In doing so, the great fulfillment of their life and destiny was there. Our great teachings of Saiva Siddhanta say any one of you can be a Nayanar.

I think the 63 Nayanar Saints are a wonderful example for each and all of us. They weren't perfect. They didn't have very good control of their emotions. They did all kinds of outlandish things. There's a book out called "The Criminal Saints of Tamil Nadu." But they had one good thing going for them, they all loved Siva. They loved Siva and were forgiven for all the heinous sins that they committed. All those strange things that they did were in some way expressing love for Lord Siva because they couldn't control their emotions; they weren't yogis. Most of them weren't cultured people; they came from every walk of life and that's their beauty

Some of you are probably Nayanars. Why? Because you love Siva, and that overcomes everything! Siva is the only one that can forgive. Siva is the only one who can dissolve, and really forever dissolve subconscious problems. Siva is the great psychiatrist. Siva is the great priest who can give total absolution. And you don't have to ask Him anything, because He knows everything. And He'll give you what you want and need. If you want Him to take everything away. He'll do that too. And if you want Him to give you abundance. He'll also do that.

Just love God Siva; that's all you have to do-more than anything else. Then, if you're loving Siva more than anything else, you're loving one another, of course. You understand that Siva is the life of your life, the intelligence of your intelligence, and therefore the intelligence of the intelligence of others, the life of the life of others and on and on. That's beautiful Saiva Siddhanta in its simplicity. To be a good Saiva Siddhantin you don't have to be a good yogi, you don't have to be a good philosopher, you don't have to know a lot. You just have to open up your heart.

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