"Any government that creates a group of 7,000 people in one place practicing my technology of consciousness – the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program – will immediately resolve the Gulf crisis without loss of life and establish the foundation for permanent world peace."

This plan to have 7,000 meditating at one time must be viewed as a stunt to gain world attention and popularity. The idea has no solidity. The ancient masters of yoga always advocated that man must start from inside. That is where you have the real problem. A single Realized One can change the whole course of human history. Such a person would not need 7,000 people meditating at one time on some spot on this planet to alter a small inharmonious situation in world events. After all, there were great conflicts in the past which were resolved – and there shall be greater ones in the future. The Persian Gulf crisis is just another one.

Man's past and present karmas make him do what he is now doing. Also, the present world cycle or age is a very difficult one. It is called Kali Yuga. This is a time when a lot of evil things occur. They will come and go like the eruption of a volcano. Of course, we must not sit idly by and do nothing. Man can do a lot, but it must start inside of him – his words and actions, his very life must be positive, living in total harmony with the whole creation. He must seek out the real Self and, after realizing such, there will only be peace and harmony. To ask 7,000 people whose actions and minds are impure to alter such a situation is only a waste of time. These crises in the world teach man a lesson: Look within. But man chooses to look without. He has chosen to go away from his real Self. He prefers to enjoy Maya, who has her price.

People must not follow this idea of 7,000 meditating to control the minds of other people, for it can have other effects. If a man is sending out a thought charged with prana to do a special job, and if it cannot do the job, then it comes back to the sender. This is the principle behind what is being attempted. It is called samayama as described in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. But the prana that Mahesh Yogi wants to manipulate and transmit will not do the job. It will create problems instead. The people that he hopes to control will be double-time evil when such mind control stops.

If Mahesh is so caught up in the crisis, why not start with Sadam Hussein? Go to Iraq and change the man's mind. It is so simple: change Sadam's mind and there is no crisis, for Sadam is Iraq. Let him, if he has the power, do this single-handedly. Do not use innocent people in these experiments, for that is what is being done.

Instead of a gathering such as proposed, I urge us all to offer prayers to the Almighty and the devas in the higher worlds to bring a solution to his problem. It will come about. Let us put our hands into the always outstretched hand of God and ask His help and guidance. Man has done so in the past, why not now?

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