Science has advanced in dissecting matter into atoms, protons and quarks without identifying the one consolidating energy which bonds these sub- atomic constituents. Man has left his foot prints on the moon surface and Mars appears to be marching into his scientific tool box. Test tube baby toddlers have become the norm. Mechanical and baboon hearts easily replace the human hearts. The scientific developments and discoveries stand hand in hand, almost to create, recreate and, last but not the least, to even cremate you and me! Ironically, science has failed to study the meaning and purpose of human life. The answer to "Who am I" lies in the inward study of Atman. The omnipotent ego has taken over to control our birth, death and make us lead a life as dictated by our senses. "I, we, my and mine" are body conscious foes which foster and fester our senses and prepare us to fight for our charter of rights for wrong reasons. If all are "I, we, my and mine," then "He" has no play in our lives. That forgotten "He" is Man, the unknown we ought to reckon with.

Division of cells need energy. At the end, by a process of multiplication and mutation, the single formless cell evolves into a form, the fetus. The energy which brings about this change is an intelligent energy. The form thus molded with a purpose, for a purpose, has to grow and live it's full life span as ordained by the Highest Power. To nip it in it's fetal stage or to negate the destined human sojourn at any stage of life, is to refuse the greatest gift of all-being born as a human being. The unwanted fetus could blossom elsewhere, if it so desired. The liberals demand-quoting the charter of rights-to destroy the emerging life, even before it begins, in the name of abortion. The same charter is also being quoted for mercy killing-euthanasia. The pain and misery of the sick could be alleviated so that the path to the end is made painless. The old commandment "Thou shall not kill" is still meaningful.

Society built on indiscriminatory science concentrates on its destructive powers and robs the people of moral values. The worth of human life has come to be judged by the elected officials and by law courts. This global phenomena is a sign that we ignore the higher Power and accept human reasoning with all it's failings and follies. The holy places of the world are becoming unholy, bathed in blood, garbed in greed. The populace pound one another with the innovations of science, desanctifying the sacred places. Man extols God as Omniscient and Omnipotent; but he ignores His presence in himself. The battle can be won if man, the known, resorts to wisdom, discrimination and becomes conscious of his own reality that, in essence, he is "Man, the unknown." Man is Divinity humanized, equipped with a return ticket!

Birth and death are neither political nor legal issues. Legalizing abortion or death on demand open avenues for more such demands. The chain of events might annihilate ethics and morality. The art of healing is to soothe the sufferings and not to hasten death. Relinquishing selfinterest in demanding such requests, will save society from the perils of pernicious laws and pave the way for a profitable birth, death, and life here and hereafter.