Rishi pal chauhan, founder of Jiva institute of Vedic Arts, wasnot content with just creating a hi-tech school in Faridabad dedicated to Indian culture and science. He wanted the school to go global.

The cyberspace result is the JIVA worldwide web site at http://www This on-line school is complete with a unique library of rare resources on unpublished scripture, Vedic math, vastu shastra, astronomy, music and law. But by far the most developed part of JIVA is their Ayurveda page, maintained by Rishi Pal's brother, Ayurvedacharya Dr. Partap S. Chauhan at http://

Here you can take a quiz to determine your Ayurvedic constitution, learn the causes and cures for common ailments, ask the good doctor for some free consultation and even drop by an online pharmacy to purchase needed remedies. If healing is your thing, Dr. Chauhan's site includes the Ayurvedic College Online with a popular four-week correspondence course of Web lectures, readings, activities, personal e-mail correspondence and internet discussions.


Computer bombs aren't delivered by terrorists, and although they happen to your computer, you are more likely to blow up as a result than the computer is. Bombs–computer lockups requiring restarting the machine–occur for all sorts of reasons, few of which can be explained by anyone. Avoiding them completely is a hopeless task, but here are a few tips. 1) Keep your computer system lean, devoid of any extraneous extensions, control panels, screen savers, etc. 2) Keep the number of open programs to a minimum to avoid memory fragmentation. 3) Save often. You won't lose your work when you inevitably do bomb, and programs will run better. 4) Exercise caution during system or program installation by opening "Read Me" files that come with the new software. They warn of potential conflicts and problems. 5) Backup! Daily, as necessary, and weekly for sure.


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Soothing sitar sounds surround Vasanthi Bhat's soft voice as she guides you gently through a step-by-step process of learning how to breathe, chant, relax, meditate and heal through visualization on her new audio compact disc, "Meditation For All Walks of Life." She addresses the main obstacle to meditation–negative thoughts and emotions which arise in the mind and often cause people to give up. She offers profitable words on how to deal with such thoughts stored in the subconscious mind. Sixty minutes with Vasanthi will calm even the most stressed-out person. Write: Vasantha Yoga, 1196 Lynbrook Way, San Jose, California 95129 USA. Web: http:// www.