I have been informed by our authorities that the news item Stranded at Death (Briefly, Nov. 98) was incorrect. Cremation facilities in the United Arab Emirates are available in Dubai and Sharjah. Our embassy continues to press the authorities to allow similar vacilities in Abu Dhabi also.
Charge d’Affaires, Embassy of India
Washington, D.C., USA


Thank you for featuring my research in your article, The Violent Video Game Plague (May, 1999). I am working on another book, entitled Teaching Kids to Kill: How Violent TV, Movies and Video Games Cause Violent Crime. If I can ever be of service to you in the years to come, please do not hesitate to let me know. I am truly honored to be associated with your organization.
Dave Grossman
Lt. Colonel, US Army (ret.)
Director, Killology Research Institute
1422 S. Main, Jonesboro, AR 72401 USA
(integral) LtColDaveG@aol.com

Please send me three copies of this important article The Violent Video Game Plague (May, 1999). I would like to keep a copy in our Parenting File here in the Peer Helper office as it is a primary focus in our work helping the women here in prison to become better mothers. I have been a peer helper in this prison for ten years. I am very much opposed to the predominance of and glorification of crime and violence on television and in the movies and know first hand that it is a primary factor influencing the behavior, morals and standards of young men and women in this society. Your wonderful magazine promotes the best of values and is the way to healing our whole society.
Ms. Jeri Becker
Frontera, California, USA


I am eleven years old and I am proud to be a Hindu. I really enjoy reading your magazine. However, there are many articles that I cannot understand. Could you please dedicate a few sections/pages to kids, so that we could learn more about Hinduism?
Deepa Iyer
Henderson, NV, USA


Your June issue did an excellent job to present the Hindu side of the story (India’s Christian Challenge, June 1999) which is very conveniently being ignored by the world media, including the India press. Positive suggestions on how to address the conversion issue at the government level as stated in the article and the re-enforcement of the law and order situation, including anti-corruption measures, are main points which the media never pursues or totally ignores. This allows outsiders to easily undermine Hindu society. Unfortunately, some Hindus, unwittingly or deliberately, are further demeaning Hinduism by supporting the anti-social activities of the missionaries.
Dr. Anand Lalchandani
Maraubra, NSW, Australia


I am confused and disturbed by the letter that Hinduism Today chose to print in the May issue entitled “More than Polytheistic Culture.” If we reduce the Gods to symbols, pretty soon people won’t see any value in them at all. Dr. Bastola said that most Hindus shy away from polytheism. Which Hindus? I believe in many Gods. I also believe that Brahman [God] permeates everything, including the Gods. This does not mean that Gods are just symbols of Brahman. It is sad that Hindus would be willing to change their identity to look good in the eyes of Christians.
Alessandro Michelangelo Jaker
(integral) jake0005@tc.umn.edu


I eagerly await every month your fine journal. Nothing else that comes through the mail approaches the energy and focus of Hinduism Today. Keep up the good work.
Kanda Alahan
(integral) kalahan@smtp1.ncal.verio.com


Since my husband has subscribed to your magazine our lives have improved for the better. Hinduism has enabled us to focus on what is important in our lives and keep a peaceful state of mind. Thank you. Hari Om.
Candy Louise Wieczork
(integral) wintersamanda@hotmail.com


I am completely floored by your web-site. What an extensive treasure-trove of Sanatana Dharma. Having read your magazine several times, I was amazed to stumble on this incredible resource.
Rev. Chaula Hopefisher
(integral) Hopefisher@aol.com


Thank you for allowing my voice to be heard (Debate: Africa, the ‘Dark Continent?’ April 1999). Since the article was published, I have received some positive e-mails. However, your characterization of me as one who is “in training as a Yoruba Priest” is inaccurate. Out of respect for my elders and to the Orisa Priesthood, I would like clarify this. In my tradition, before training in sacred and secret information, one must first be initiated into an order. One who has not been initiated is being prepared spiritually and intellectually, but never trained.
B. Thabiti Sannuote Ojedele
(integral) Nayatola@aol.com


I would like to offer my thanks for your wonderful magazine. I think its important for Hindus to realize the importance of their religion and its teachings. I estimate there are around 500,000 Hindus here in South Africa. But a lot of Indians here are embarrassed to be Indians because they have been brain-washed by stereotypes (based on racism, I believe). Hindus here are also embarrassed because they cannot explain why we have so many Gods. Also, among youth, Hinduism has attained the image of something for “old people,” as mainly the elders organize functions and events. A lot of practicing Hindus here haven’t a clue about their religion, mainly because our mother tongues, e.g. Tamil, Hindi, Telegu, etc., have been forgotten. And if there were more English publications on Hinduism, the religion would be more accessible everyone.
Kiren Pillay
(integral) KirenP@siemens.co.za


Thank you for your informative coverage of animal sacrifice and slaughterhouses. Somehow animals in India seem more sacred than elsewhere! Therefore everything we can do to help them seems to be very profound for the whole universe.
Eileen Weintraub-Johnson
(integral) eileenwj@earthlink.net


* We neglected to provide contact information for Singapore’s dynamic yoga teacher featured in the June issue Diaspora article “Yoga Goes to the Temple:”

Yogi Balakrishnan
Blk No. 317, #06-182
Woodlands Street 31

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