Himself creates. Himself preserves. Himself destroys. Himself obscures. Himself, all these He does and then grants mukti, Himself the all-pervading Lord.-Tirumantiram, 1809

One man they call morose, unbending in friendship. He goes on his way deluded, his endeavors sterile. No longer does the man who has abandoned a congenial friend possess a share in the Word. Vain is his hearing, whatsoever he hears. He does not recognize the path of goodness.-Rig Veda 10.71.6

Pay respect to womankind, as they are born of the family of the Divine Mother. Abuse or punish them not, in however a mild manner, whatever the reason. Their worth and excellences, not their shortcomings, are to be stressed. -Katha Upanishad 7.75

Disciples receive, by devotion to the guru, the knowledge which the guru possesses.-Guru Gita 43

May the wind blow sweetness, the rivers flow sweetness, for the Man of Truth! Sweet be the night, sweet the dawn, sweet be earth's fragrance, sweet Father's Heaven! May the tree afford us sweetness, the sun shine sweetness, our cows yield sweetness-milk in plenty! – Rig Veda I, 90, 6-8.

You who are worthy of men's prayer's, our leader, our God, rich in heroes-may we install you glowing and glistening! Shine forth at night and at morn! Your favor has kindled our hearths! By your favor we shall be great!-Rig Veda Samhita 7.15.7-8

I bow before that Sadasivalinga which is worshiped by the multitude of Gods with genuine thoughts, full of faith and devotion, and whose splendor is like that of a million suns.-Lingashtakam

This universe is a tree eternally existing, its root aloft, its branches spread below. The pure root of the tree is Brahman, the immortal, in whom the three worlds have their being, whom none can transcend, who is verily the Self.-Krishna Yajur Veda, Katha Upanishad 6.1

The spirit of man has two dwellings: this world and the world beyond. There is also a third dwelling place: the land of sleep and dreams. Resting in this borderland, the spirit of man can behold his dwelling in this world and in the other world afar.-Shukla Yajur Veda, Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4.3.9