It's All Here
Wondering where the stars are tonight? How astrology is practiced in Iceland? When's the next conference? Whether the stock market may be bullish two weeks from now? Or just what astrology means? Well, no more long lines at search engines. "What's on the Net" website ( offers an astounding 1,500 links to everything under the sun. Hindu sites are well represented with pages like "Astrological Gemstones in Jyotish tradition," "Goravani Jyotish software" and "Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer." It's time to face up to our planets.

The Dual Income Trap
When baby's old enough for daycare, mom often goes back to work, believing the family "needs the money." But the reality may well be that child-care costs, work-related expenses and lack of thriftiness actually add up to less spendable income and a lower living standard–not to mention that kids need full-time moms, and her own peace of mind. If you're not convinced, USA Weekend's website invites you to try out a calculator–from the book Shattering the Two-Income Myth–to see how much that second paycheck really amounts to. Not much considering the massive extra effort. See

Seven Twirls in One
You can imagine how rare it would be to see India's seven major classical dances–Bharata Natyam, Kathakali, Mohini Attam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathak and Manipuri–all performed on the same night. Rare physically, yes, but now you can watch these highest forms of devotional expression together on Rizvi Software's stylish "Indian Classical Dance" CD. The pictorial deluge leads you from origins of styles thousands of years ago, to numerous facial expressions and bodily gestures that culminate in a whirl of graceful beauty, shown by leading contemporary artists in sixty minutes of video. Great dance gurus like Padma Subrahmanyam and Birju Maharaj are honored. You'll see why "all motion begins in God and ends in God." Contact: Rizvi Multimedia, 1st Floor, Hill Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai 400 050, India. Tel.: 91-22-649-9267. E-mail: rizvi@bom3. Website:

Parrots & Poets
The silent one possessed me in Silence and poured into me a speechless word that was the seed of wisdom. That word, O friend, had a magic effect on my life. It hushed up the mind and opened my heart to silent embrace of the Divine." The author of this passage is Saint Tayumanavar, whose 1,440 songs first lilted 250 years ago. Aussie Pete Brown was smitten by the saint's poetic rendering of Saiva Siddhanta Hinduism and labored to put his hymns on the Web, now available at It's the first time all the verses have been published in English, and there's a good biography of the saint there too!