Members of the Human Service Alliance (HSA) of North Carolina in the southern USA were delighted to receive an August 10th letter from President George Bush recognizing them as his 532nd "Daily Point of Light." In fulfillment of his 1988 campaign slogan calling for "A thousand points of light" to rejuvenate America, the president has been locating and identifying individuals and organizations "voluntarily taking direct and consequential action to solve drug abuse, illiteracy, inadequate education, homelessness, hunger, AIDS or other serious social problems in their own community," according to a White House press release.

A February, 1991, article in HINDUISM TODAY on the HSA profiled their remarkable program of volunteer work with the terminally ill, mediation project and respite care program, as well as explored their philosophical roots in eastern belief. HSA spiritual leader Derwyn Lackey draws upon his own extensive background of study and exposure to Hinduism and specifically the works of Alice Bailey (in the line of theosophy) to guide the group. The HSA main center has a Siva temple for its members.

President Bush's letter to HSA states. "I was delighted to learn of your outstanding work in behalf of your community. I have urged all Americans to make community service central to their lives and work. Judging by your active engagement in helping others, it is clear that you understand this obligation. We must not allow ourselves to be measured by the sum of our possessions or the size of our bank accounts. The true measure of any individual is found in the way he or she treats others – and the person who regards others with love, respect and charity holds a priceless treasure in his heart. Your efforts provide a shining example of this standard."

The naming as a "Point of Light" carries no direct monetary reward. But it is of enormous value in gaining community recognition and respect, as well as favorable response from foundations and other donors. For further information on – or nominations to – the program contact: The Office of National Service (The White House Points of Light Office), The White House, Washington, D.C. 20500.

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