Are you concerned about the fate of dharma in the lives of the next generation of American born Hindus? Ever wonder why so few teenagers show up at our US temples? Did you ever ask, "How can we educate Hindu youth, pass the traditions into their hands?" We have an answer. Become an eScrip supporter of Himalayan Academy Publications. A percentage of every dollar you spend at participating merchants will go to support free subscriptions to HINDUISM TODAY for youth between the ages of 13 and 21. We know after twenty years of experience that young Hindus "weaned" on HINDUISM TODAY from childhood grow up proud Hindus. Now you can promote this educational boonÑbig time!

What is eScrip?

The concept is simple. Thousands of non-profits are already making the program successful. For example, if you become a Safeway Club card holder, whenever you purchase $100 worth of groceries, Safeway will automatically transfer 2 percent, or $2 to the Himalayan Academy eScrip account. This revenue is then used to provide free HINDUISM TODAY subscriptions to youth. Your normal household purchases can support Hinduism in the US. It costs you nothing; the merchant pays it all! Percentages vary among participating merchants. For example, Sharper Image will give as much as 10 percent of your purchase to the eScrip beneficiary of your choice. For each $500 purchase, Sharper Image will send $50 to Himalayan Academy Publications!

Signing up is easy. Become a supporter today!

Go to []and click on "Sign Up."

Enter "Himalayan Academy" or our ID number: 708335

Click "Search" and choose the "Himalayan Academy" line.

Click "Next" to go through the six steps.

At step four, you register credit and debit cards you are NOT charged anything. When you use the cards at participating merchants, you are only charged for the cost of the items you are purchasing, nothing more. A percentage of your purchase is sent by the merchant to Himalayan Academy's eScrip account. There are no gimmicks; no extra costs for you.

You can also sign up by mail. E-mail or call to request; phone toll free in US: 1.888.464.1008.

It really works. Let corporate America do a good thing for Hinduism sign up today for the sake of tomorrow!