One of the most frequently asked Hindu questions is "When is the next festival, what does it mean and what do we do?" The great new site by [] offers a marvelous answer: a calendar with rollover pop ups that show you what festival or observance there is for each day of the month for a whole year…all on one page! What is super cool is that you can click on the little festival label that pops up and it takes you to Swami Sivananada's explanation of that festival or observance. Swami did a great service to Hinduism by documenting the meanings of almost every important Hindu festival. Here it is at the click of a date. You must dig to find this jewel. Click "Resources " and scroll down the sidebar links.



A fabulous, deep, amazing web site on Lord Ganesha and Hinduism in general from a French Hindu. What we love about [], (be sure not to put "www " in front or you will get an error) is the attention to content and focus on one thing: Lord Ganesha–forms, names, myths, worship, virtual temple visits, handicrafts, modern art, folk images, Ganesha temples worldwide–with over 1600 photos and a "sister " travel site with vast resources on places in India. Regarding the site's unpolished, no frills design, the webmaster says he's too busy working on content. "Handsome packing for uninteresting content is not sufficient to make a nice gift." He got it right.And you can help. Offer to assist with English translation.



In the vein of the well known expose "Super Size Me" (see page 59 of this issue), but with a more sobering hard science approach, Deborah Koons Garcia brings us the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled US grocery store shelves for the past decade. While US and Canadian consumers are unknowingly engaged in what concerned scientists call the largest and most dangerous experiment ever undertaken by mankind, other countries are fighting to stop the invasion of genetically modified crops. This DVD tells you why.Among other amazing tales, learn how renowned scientist, Dr. Arpad Pushtai, was suspended two days after discussing his research, which raised questions about the depressed immune systems and growth of rats who had been fed genetically modified potatoes. Cornell University researcher, John Losy, found that when caterpillars of the Monarch butterfly were fed corn pollen from BT corn in the lab, forty percent of them died. Beware, Garcia warns, despite consumer concerns, genetically modified food producers have won the battle on labelling. You will never know whether or not the food you eat is genetically modified because US law does not require that you be informed. The DVD examines the complex web of market and political forces that are changing what we eat as huge multinational corporations seek to control the world's food system. For those concerned with their family's health and the future of the Earth's food supply, the film also explores alternatives to industrial agriculture, identifying organic and sustainable agriculture as real solutions to today's farm crisis. "If you eat food, you need to see The Future of Food…"- [] Watch the trailer and find out more at: []