With over 100,000 thousand images online and 500,000 in the physical archives of its India collection, the Dinodia Photo Library (www.dinodia.com) has the largest collection of Hindu-Indian culture specific images in the world. Adding to that its interface to a hundred different image collections from around the world, Dinodia brings you a resource beyond your wildest dreams–more than two million images for your media projects. Hundreds of Dinodia images have graced the pages of Hinduism Today over the past 15 years. To access the libraries, enter a keyword to search. Enter "Ganesh " with "India Images " selected gives one series. Enter "Ganesh " with "International Images " selected and you get more. In the India collection, from a single image you can follow keywords to other images–a useful browsing tool. But, wait! There's more!

Customer Services to the Max

No matter how good their front end systems may be, media developers know that resource collection takes many hours, even days, of tedious review of thousands of images. But Dinodia is here to help you. Their web site is just the beginning. Give them a theme-subject and their team will have a selection of images for you the same day. Need on-location shots or video footage in Goa or Bengal? No problem! One of their fleet of 200 photographers will go do the shoot and bring the shots back to Mumbai. The Dinodia staff will review, cull, scan and upload the best. You will only be charged the photographer's costs and stock photo fees. Video is delivered unedited. Now that is service!

A Firm You Can Depend On

Jagdish Agarwal, founder of Dinodia, managed the family business of textiles and was a hobby photographer. He won many awards in photography competitions in India and abroad. Demand for his photos for use in local publications led to his founding the Dinodia Photo Library in 1987 with 100 photographers enrolled and a start-up collection of 100,000 images–the first professionally-run photo library in India. Now in its 20th year, Dinodia has over 20,000 clients worldwide. Son Tushar has joined to help run the business. They have a staff of 19, including a team of three who pre-check and then scan slides and photos, and two specialists who have the momentous task of entering keywords.