Comprehending all things to be manifestations of the one Supreme Creator


The following is a lucid translation from the Yajurveda, chapter 31, verse 18 through chapter 32, verse 8.

BEFORE THE ESSENCE OF THE WATERS WAS DISTILLED BY VISHVAKARMA (Purusha) for the creation of the Earth, the model of the universe existed in the eternal mind of the Purusha (ultimate, uncreated reality)—Prajapati Vishvakarma. Tvashta, the creator form of Purusha (or the aspect which is responsible for the act of creation), sculpted the universe. The human being’s inherent divinity also existed in the eternal mind. That divinity Tvashta brought into existence as well.

I know this great and glorious Purusha of the brilliance of the Sun, beyond the dark. Having realized Him only, does man transcend the world of existence, birth and death. There is no other way than this to the final freedom of moksha, liberation from rebirth.

Prajapati, father spirit of the created universe, immanent and deep within the soul, moves everywhere; and although ever unborn, He variously manifests Himself as all the forms of life. Men of thought and wisdom feel His presence manifested all around. In Him alone do all the worlds of existence find their haven and repose.

To That which empowers the blazing of the Sun, giving sustenance to the divinities such as the Earth; to That who is the high priest and prime mover of the generous excellencies of the world, who rises first and foremost for the noble beings of the Earth; to that divine light our homage and offer of reverence.

The sages of yore, arising in vision of the divine glory, saw the light of the dawn and proclaimed of that: “O Brahmana, who would know you thus!” The lights of the world would be at his command.

Beauty is yours. Glory is yours. The day and night like consorts are at your sides. The stars and planets are your form incarnate. The Sun and Moon are your open face. Kind, loving and generous, give me that bliss of freedom, that supreme wealth of joy. Wish me all well and the world is mine.

The One Eternal Lord Supreme is Agni, self-effulgent and omniscient. That is Aditya, all-consuming upon annihilation. That is Vayu, omnipotent, all-sustaining. The same is Chandrama, blissful giver of joy. The same is Shukra, instant and immaculate. That is Brahma, greatest and infinite. That is Apah, immanent and omnipresent. He is Prajapati, Lord of creation and father of all His children.


Lord of Creation: Brahma—the creative aspect of the Purusha—is depicted with four faces, staring forward in each direction simultaneously, witnessing His awareness within all things

From the brilliant supreme Purusha are born all the divisions of time, from the first moment forth, as well as all movement from the first twinkling of the eye onward. No one can ever catch or hold this Lord, from above, middle or aslant.

There is none and nothing like Him, no picture, no icon, no simile, no metaphor. Great is His Name, mighty His glory. “He is the Golden Seed of the universe,” it is apparent. “None will ever be born greater than He or exist beyond Him,” such is the clear voice of the Veda.

Children of divinity, know that this glorious Lord of the universe pervades all regions and quarters of space. First born, He is at the very center of the universe and resides in the depths of the soul. As existence, He continues to manifest every moment and abides everywhere, in everything, facing forward in all directions.

The glorious Lord is He, nothing was born before Him, nothing in all the worlds of the universe—which would come into existence later. Father and sustainer, He abides, rejoicing with His creation. As Lord of the sixteen powers of perfection, He pervades and feeds the lights of the Earth, sky and heaven.

By Him the heavens blaze. By Him the Earth is firm. By Him the heaven of bliss is sustained, and by Him the ecstasy of moksha is constant. He is the creator of the worlds in space. Let us worship that Lord of glory and eternal bliss, and let us sing in honor of Him with the fragrance of yajna.

To Him the heaven and Earth, both constant and moving in ecstasy at heart, do homage with awe and reverence. Under His eye does the Sun rise and blaze with light. To that Lord of awe and glorious bliss let us offer our homage of praise and worship with love and faith. Whatever the vast oceans of water and whatever the expansive spaces, all exist in Him.

The man of vision and wisdom sees that eternal spirit hidden in mystery, where the universe lies nestled in His presence. Therein all this comes into being together and therein it falls asunder. Infinite is He, immanent and omnipresent in the created beings.

This excerpt is from the 2013 Veda translations in English done by DR. TULSI RAM, London, UK. All four Veda translations are available for purchase online at []