Subramuniyaswami, Sivaya H.H. Here's an interesting question: Are children born in America Indians or Americans in their past life? This depends on the lifestyle and thoughts of the parents during the time of conception as to what kind of soul they attract. It is true that many of the children of Indian origin born in the United States today were Americans in their last incarnation. This is proven to be true as they grow into maturity. They do not take to Indian culture but love everything American. The laws of reincarnation are very serious in that they are final when a child is born. We all have to watch our thoughts and feelings and the standard that we are living must be constant. Living a double standard as some Hindus do these days could create a divided family of children being from one of two countries, some from India and others from Europe or America in past lives. Their interests when they are in late teens will reflect their past-life beliefs and cultural background. Therefore, with this understanding, we can bear up when we find that yes, indeed, some of our children are not Hindu-oriented souls. This should not, however, make the eternal Truths of the great Sanatana Dharma unavailable to them. These truths of karma, dharma, reincarnation and the existence of God everywhere are the heritage of all mankind. We were inspired to write the above to our readers as so many questions have come this past year on this subject.

Please read the Hindu Youth on page thirteen, and you can get the "teen talk" up-to-date feeling on arranged marriages. Times are indeed changing and so is the face of Hinduism, but not the eternal essence. We must be prepared for this change, and not shun those who do not conform but nurture them along the path until they come deeply into the Hindu experience. It was not too long ago that most Indians in the West were, as a total group, not admitting to being Hindu. This has changed since 1979, and now in the Eighties, Hindus are proud to declare their religion and even their sect or sampradaya. This has been a great change for the better; and more changes are to come. The young people, for example, are ripe and ready for deeper Hindu thinking presented in modern terms. The New Age Movement in North America is nothing but Hinduism without admitting to the name. The same truths are there – karma, dharma, reincarnation and the existence of an all-pervasive energy, God. Truth knows no race. Truth knows no caste. Truth knows no sex. Truth is for all. And, this is why the eternal Sanatana Dharma has persisted these past ten thousand years and more, because it is nothing but the revealed natural laws of the inner and outer universe. Our readers all over the world have written of the benefits of our little journal in their diverse communities. One even said: "I am a member of the Hinduism Today religion." Quite a compliment! We were touched! But to be truthful, we see our service rather humbly, our contribution as one of many. first, to try to report fairly on each and every Hindu group in the world thus putting them in touch with all the others. Second, to foster Hindu Solidarity by encouraging participation and togetherness. Third, to encourage those who seek to unite Hindu groups locally, regionally, nationally and internationally so that the dynamic Hindu front can be realized and the eternal message can be heard for the betterment of all mankind.

Many people have written to us during the past several years saying that they too should be doing a Hinduism Today. We feel they are right in thinking so and now have taken the big step forward in making that possible. A decision. A decision was made to franchise the big/little newspaper Hinduism Today for a larger readership tomorrow. Should you be interested in knowing more about our franchise arrangement, and if the country that you are in is not spoken for as yet, please write to our editor Sri Swami Sivasiva Palani at our Hawaii address. He will gladly send you the franchise information that you will want to read about.