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IndiTales Takes Us on a Colorful Tour of 100 Hindu Temples

ANURADHA GOYAL’S TRAVEL BLOG, Inditales ( is a joyful and uplifting view of India as it is today with all its ancient and modern traditions going forward. She takes us to every state of a country full of art, culture, religion, food and music, as well as a country making its move to be a leading nation of the 21st cen-tury. But what caught our attention recently was her Instagram account,, with its 124 posts, most of Hindu temples with a photo and her first-hand account of the place, creating a “you are there” feeling.

For example, there’s a beautiful post on the Sri Ranganathaswami Temple in Tamil Nadu. Click on it and scroll up on the right to find her short description of this ancient place, one of the largest Hindu temples in the world, covering 156 acres filled with shrines, water reservoirs and more. A click on the listed hashtags will take you to related Instagram posts.

This is a good place site for instant darshan of the Darshaneshwar Mahadeva Mandir in Ayodhya, the royal Sri Poornathrayeesa Temple in Kochi, the Rukmini Temple in Dwarka, the Sri Shantadurga Temple in Goa and much more.

A gallery takes you through temples across India
A view of Omkareshwar with tags

Envisioning India’s Future

THE OCTOBER 19-21 JAIPUR DIALOGUES 2019 BROUGHT A superb collection of scholars to discuss India and her future. You can view much of the two-day discussion on YouTube at bit. ly/jaipur-dialog. Centering on the theme of “Cultural Foundations of National Policy,” topics ranged from science, national security and Kashmir to the Aryan Invasion Theory, religion, education and the writing of history. Featured speakers included Lt. Gen Syed Ata Hasnain, David Frawley, Niraj Rai, Sudanshu Trivedi, C.K. Raju and Maria Wirth. The discussions are a useful introduction to the ideas driving India’s path ahead.

A fantastic expose of the Aryan Invasion Theory. In two hours a panel of experts give us the history and forces behind the theory.