Astrology is a science of indications. The planetary movements in the sky have implications on the earth due to the fact that all the phenomena of the universe are interconnected and interdependent one with another. Vedic astrology is an ancient knowledge compiled by the Vedic seers through their supreme state of consciousness. And by observing, analyzing and critically correlating the movement of the stars in the sky with earth events, they formulated the rules for understanding the implications of their movements.

Vedic astrology is a treasure-house of unlimited knowledge which has been scattered and hidden in different places in India. Most of it has yet to be unearthed, researched, compiled and put to use. It is the gift of God to mankind that enables one to understand the physical world and the implications which unravel the physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, scientific, educational, political, environmental, sociological fields, as well as to gain awareness of natural phenomena such as the weather, plants, the animal kingdom, earth, earthquakes, volcanoes and so forth.

The goal of the Vedic seers in promoting astrology is to benefit humankind by helping people attain fulfillment in their lives through the four-fold aspects of life, dharma(righteous conduct), artha(fulfillment of financial obligation), kama(fulfillment of desires for the pleasures of life), and moksha(final emancipation).

In Vedic astrology the great seers concluded that there are millions of stars in the sky, but for use by human beings, only the influence of the nine planets were determined critical, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the 2 nodes of the moon, Rahu and Ketu, which have the status of planets.

Vedic astrology does not recognize the influence of the three planets beyond Saturn, not because ancient seers could not or did not see them. Rather, they must have considered them unnecessary for the purpose of understanding planetary influences. It is important to note that when everyone else believed that the earth was flat, the ancient seers had already concluded that the rising and the setting of the planets and the stars were due to movements of the earth.

February Highlights

Considering the planetary combination as a whole with an emphasis on Saturn, February 1996 is an important month mainly because Saturn, the slow moving planet with tremendous power in world affairs, moves into Pisces permanently (for this year), meaning a major shift in the universe in relation to Saturn's influences. The democratic process which Saturn began to introduce in various centers of the world since 1988 will be taking final shape when Saturn is in Pisces. This will mark the beginning of the final phase of Saturn's democratic influence in world governments.

Since Saturn is a conservative planet while transiting Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter, a conservative as well as expansive planet, there will be an influence of consolidation, conservatism and a sense of stability in the political and governmental policy level. But there will be chaos when Saturn conjuncts Ketu in Pisces at the end of 1996 and the beginning of 1997. This will introduce political crises in certain areas of the world governments.

The government of USA will initiate organizing new power blocks or alliances in the foreign policy departments and restructure their foreign policy during Saturn's transit in Pisces (February 1996-April 1998). The USA will also experience further stress in their financial policies.

Even though the Republicans are trying to bring financial disciplines, they won't be effective at least until the end of 1997. Currently the USA is passing through the dasa of the Sun until October 1998. Even though the Sun is well placed in the chart with much support, it has not been effective. The Sun dasa of USA has increased verbal activities rather than concrete action and results. Because even though the Sun is very powerful, its enemy Saturn by its aspect on the Sun has neutralized the Sun's effectiveness. The Sun's dasa will end in October 1998.

The new-moon chart for Washington DC (February 18th, 1996) indicates that an important person of political status will experience some type of health hazard. Further, certain policy decisions of the government may attract much opposition or confrontation. There will be an increase in accidents, violence or terrorist activity.


THE SUNis in Capricorn, moving to Aquarius on the 13th of February.

THE MOONbegins in Gemini, and on the 29th is in Gemini,
again after going through an entire cycle.

MARSis in Capricorn and moves to Aquarius on the 8th.

MERCURYis in Sagittarius and moves to Capricom on the 9th of February.

VENUSmoves to Pisces from Aquarius on February 4th,
and to Aries on February 29th.

JUPITERis in Sagittarius.

SATURNis in Aquarius and moves to Pisces on the 16th.

RAHUis in Virgo, KETUis in Pisces.

New moonoccurs on February 18th, and full moon occurs on the 4th of February, 1996.

Sri Chakrapani Ullal is a world-renowned Vedic astrologer from South India. He can be reached at: 12044 Kearsarge Street, Los Angeles, CA 90049 Ph: 310/476-9942 Fax: 310/471-3205.

A king, though endowed with little prowess, starting on an expedition at the proper time, in view of the good positions of the planets, achieves greatness that is eulogised in the scriptures.–Brihat Samhita, 104.60