A new generation of young indians want to stand up against the dowry system, but find it hard to tackle that social menace. Satya Naresh, Director of NKG Info Services, has taken the cause to the Internet with his "idontwantdowry " matrimonial site, which he launched in April, 2006. Satya comments: "On average there are three to four dowry deaths in a day in our country. I set up the web site to fight the problem. Of course, I also run the website to make money, but I never move away from my ideals."

For a nominal fee of Rs.500 (us$11.00), potential brides and grooms can register and host their profile on the site for six months with the expectation that no dowry demands will be made to the girl or her family. The site took off immediately with over 2,000 registrations. "We wanted to start a website that benefits society, " Naresh offers. To reach the less affluent, non- net savvy populace, for a mere us$2.25, the web site accepts contact details for insertion in its classified section.

Though mainly catering to women who cannot or who refuse to bring dowry to a match, the web site saw more prospective grooms registering than brides in the days following the launch. Prospective groom, 23-year old software professional Abhinay C., says, "From childhood I hated the idea of being 'bought' by the girl's family for a sum of money. I will continue to be part of this site to keep open my options for meeting an independent girl."

In light of the positive response, Satya says he wants to launch another site aimed at fighting the caste system. See: http://www.idontwantdowry.com [http://www.idontwantdowry.com]



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