William Levacy is a self-taught astrologer who practices in Southern California. He is a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation, and considers himself a “Vedantist.” He shares here his experience about how to choose a career.

On the shelves of any major book-seller you’ll find many books on how to locate that perfect job. To their dozens of methods–submission of resumes, personal connections, moving up in the current business, etc.–we can add one more: astrology. With this time-tested process, we can find our best choice for education and career. Later in life, we can use it to get clarity when we encounter those proverbial “forks in the road” as our career branches out in various directions–or perhaps doesn’t branch out at all.

I have found three special places that identify career activity. The first house or ascendant and its ruling planet give big clues. The sixth house, that of service, has more to say about those “bread-and-butter” jobs that make us money. The tenth house, of karma or action, tells us about career or life purpose.

Several years ago a client approached me to help identify her five-year old’s capabilities–a perfect age to set career directions. I saw the child would be interested in skills related to precision and high technology. All through the child’s early education, the mother could see these interests and skills, and she encouraged them. Now, at 18, he is entering the university with a happy specialization in computer technology.

Two of my clients provide an example of mid-career adjustments. They were successful consultants, but wanted to take a major step up with their business. One of the ladies called to ask about a new opportunity. I looked at their charts and, indeed, saw the potential for positive career change–but only for the next seven days. I told her and her partner to go to the interview that very week–they did, were accepted, and successfully made a major upward career move.

Vedic astrology can give clues to your karma in this life. It can tell you where your dreams lie and how you might make the most money. From that point forward, you can set a vision for your future and develop the competence to deploy those dreams completely, correctly and in a timely manner