Blessings on the net offers a wide range of cultural and religious products to meet the spiritual needs of Hindus around the globe and hosts 16 official web sites of famous temples in India. It is an excellent source for information on temples and their deities, with online options for pujas and donations. The site, [], includes a comprehensive festival section, a complete travel guide to destinations in India and a selection of arts, crafts and puja items from India.



Murugan Arul Pravagam Volume I, from Spiritual, is a multimedia CD-ROM covering six popular and powerful, but lesser known, Murugan temples. Catering to Muruga bhaktas worldwide, the bilingual CD has data in Tamil and English. Murugan Arul Pravagam is a visual treat, describing Murugan's abodes of Maudhamalai, Chennimalai, Thirumurugan Poondi, Kumarakottam, Vayalur and Viralimalai in Tamil Nadu. Using text and photos, it includes a wealth of information on the Pranava Aum, symbols of Muruga worship and vow-taking procedures. Learn two Tamil hymns to Lord Muruga with its karaoke tools. User friendly, highly interactive.

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US$39.95, PC only.



The Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji's Sarasvati Mahal Library is among the few medieval libraries still in existence. Its web site relates, "Conceived and named as the Royal Palace Library by the Nayak Kings of Thanjavur (1535-1675 ce), the Maratha rulers (1676-1855) nourished it for intellectual enrichment. It became a public library in 1916." Now online at [], one can view some of the oldest palm-leaf and paper manuscripts, peruse rare maps and atlases, and view historical drawings from the collections of Rajah Serfoji II. Located in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, a city known for its culture and temples, the library contains works from as far away as Banaras. This remarkable reference library holds the keys to many of our ancient traditions within its walls and is a worthy recipient of all our patronage.



If you have felt cut off from the sacred wisdom of Sanatana Dharma, Amba House of Traditions at [] offers easy access to authentic Hindu resources. Read stories of holy men and women, plus tales for children. Order a variety of study courses based on scriptural texts. Courses run from 2 to 11 week sessions. For children, there are dharma lessons taught through the Tirukural and the lovable Jataka stories. These precious teachings are made available worldwide by a devoted group of Hindu sevaks in Los Angeles, California. A refreshingly simple site with no ads and no charge for lessons.