One look at the front page of this edition may drive our loyal readers to wonder if anything in life is certain. By a high-security, yet-to-be-announced technology developed at the Stanford Research Institute we have been able to pre-record your unspoken thoughts, "Chronic Metamorphosis! What is this world coming to? First the summertime trauma of Coca-Cola's whimsical toying with our emotions and chemical preferences, and now – wham, bang – The New Saivite World is suddenly a journalistic Proteus. Doesn't anybody understand stability anymore? What's wrong with monotony? At least it won't catch you by surprise."

Not to worry. Hinduism Today is the same Classic Formula, just repackaged in two colors and published six times a year instead of four. Of course, that means you will get more articles more often, not having to wait quite so long for that next exciting edition.

Our editorial policies have not changed and our coverage of news from many countries will continue to be tenacious (Remember last year when one issue was banned and burned at the docks in Malaysia for daring to print the story of the concerns of non-Islamic faiths in that nation?). Our correspondents will continue to provide facts and insights you can get nowhere else (for this issue our Sri Lanka staff went behind the scenes in refugee camps during dangerous times), giving you a one-of-a-kind overview of Hinduism during the past two months.

We will persevere in fostering Hindu Solidarity worldwide, sharing knowledge and events and personalities which reflect the dynamic force which this oldest religion on the earth has become. You can look forward to articles on the major religious leaders and movements (much like the updates on Sai Baba, Rajneesh, Guru Maharaji, TM, Swami Satchidananda, Anti-Hindu Campaigns, the Brahma Kumaris, VHP and ISKCON found in recent issues). Taken altogether, Hinduism has got to be the most colorful, provocative and just-plain-fascinating of rest assured that we will focus on all this in our special sections, cartoons, no-nonsense Editorials, Letters and Insight Sections.

There are two very important reasons for the changes which you see here. First and foremost, is service to a growing number of readers. Our goal has always been to provide Hinduism with its first world-class voice in a modern, information-based age, something every Hindu family would be proud to keep on the coffee table. More frequent editions and the graphic impact of color drive that goal forward. Knowledge is power, and Hinduism Today is determined to gather the knowledge needed to preserve, protect and promote the Sanatana Dharma.

Second, the name has always been a potential hurdle – at least to readers who may not be familiar with words like Saivite. By changing our name, we more accurately reflect the contents of the newspaper to the global community, and permit it to reach more people.

People are really the essence of any newspaper. Here then are a few words from readers:

R. Rajathurai of Singapore: "Greetings from Singapore I have received the Spring Edition. It is beautifully done. The report on Sai Baba is rational and well-presented. Congratulations to all of you for the fine work you are doing in the name of our Lord and Master – Siva."

Sri Kumar Poddar of Michigan, a professional publications executive: "I'm reading through each issue and hanging onto my one precious copy, loaning it out only if I get assurance it will be returned. Don't change the content. You're right on target!"

Chandrika Kanagaratnam of England: "Each issue is marvelous. Really, words are inadequate to express my feelings of gladness and wonder of all that is happening in the Hindu world. If not for your paper, we will be in the dark."

Chris Landon of Westminister, Canada: "Thank you for the many ideas and inspirations that you and your contributing writers have given me through The New Saivite World. I am a Westerner not yet dedicated to an orthodox sampradaya, but in my heart I am a Hindu. Your articles on "blue-eyed Hindus" are especially useful to me since I am researching the same. All in all, I thoroughly enjoy your journalism – in fact you're the only paper I read!"

We hope you and all our readers like Today's changes; we look forward to getting this important news into your hands and homes for many tomorrows.

Article copyright Himalayan Academy.