Looking for a full version of the Rig Veda, online, in English? Researching the Upanishads and need a searchable file? The Internet Sacred Texts Archive located at: index.htm/ is the place for you. This remarkable site by J.B. Hare contains texts in English from all the major world religions past and present, from the Sikh Guru Grantha to Australian Aborigine traditional stories to the entire Egyptian Book of the Dead–many of which have never appeared before on the Web. The texts are presented in English, and occasionally in the original language. Under Hinduism, you will find not only the complete Rig Veda in English and Sanskrit, but also the Upanishads, Laws of Manu, Dharma Sutras, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Ramayana and Mahabharata. The site is devoted to promoting tolerance and scholarship.



Arunachala! the name is pure magic! Sri Arunachala is the Lord and Master of the Universe and dwells at Arunachala Hill, 100 miles southwest of Chennai, India. To quote Sri Agasthiar, the ever-present Siddha manifestation of Siva, "If you circle the Arunachala Hill but once, you'll destroy the karma of ten million births." At the base of this mountain, Agasthiar Ashram is the home of Sathguru Venkataraman, the 1001st sucessor of Sri Agasthiar. Find out pilgrimage dates, visit their Ganesha Pic of the Day, read the online AUMzine and more all at:



Listen your way through this wellmade CD-ROM on the famous 18th-century musical saint, Thyagaraja. The multimedia CD contains a wonderful feature-length animated story of his life and music, plus has creative games and quizzes based on the saint's life. Another section is a sing-along displaying the music, words and meanings, as the song is sung. Also included is an audio CD. PC. us$34.95. Solfa Creations, 3313 Morning View Terrace, Fremont, California 94539 US. Web: Email: Phone: 510-623-1450.



Mudra to many means classical Indian dance. They also associated it with Hindu priests and yoga, but have you ever thought that these sacred hand positions might be used for healing the body and for instant first aid? The website,, tells you how to hold "Health in your Hand." "Mudras for Healing" is the home page of Acharya Keshav Dev of Delhi, India. In his intriguing study, Acharya reveals how he believes mudras can provide instantaneous relief from common maladies, and even assist with more serious ailments, such as a heart condition. Mudras, he states, never generate an excess of energy, rather they help create an optimal balancing of energy, much like a thermostat.