Not Avoiding Life’s Challenges

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What an awesome graphic (above) depicting modern experience and the ultimate goal. It fits perfectly with Satguru’s Publisher’s Desk editorial (Jul/Aug/Sep 2022). 

Easan Katir,

Your Spiritual Nature

I love the article “How to Experience Your Innate Divinity” (Jan/Feb/Mar 2022), filled with inspiring, practical wisdom. It’s such an important life skill to be able to recognize our innate Divinity, and this article clearly outlines how to live this lofty goal. Thanks a ton and sincere pranams for publishing this beautiful piece!

Lakshmi Chandrashekar Subramanian

Thank You!

The educational insight “Raising Children as Good Hindus” (Apr/May/Jun 2021) is fantastic! Please create many more such presentations. Help spread these articles and share them in school/college classrooms if possible. The world should know about the beauty and benefits of being a Hindu.


Conversion to Christianity 

To the author of the guest editorial “My Unfortunate Conversion” (July/Aug/Sep 2022). Please forgive yourself for questioning, seeking, even for allowing yourself to be lured down a hateful path. Forgive yourself for your youthful rebellion, and also for your bad treatment towards your family, as those arguments have played an important role in your self realization. It is all part of your atma’s journey. You could have followed the dharma blindly, but instead you now know it deeply and with clarity and joy. You have answered so many questions including the great “Why?” You have forged your own path home and that IS your dharma. Hold no regrets. You are home. 


Under Nehruvian secularism impulses, I similarly started hating Hinduism. It was the works of Shri Ram Swarup-ji that brought me back to Hinduism. They made me see the beauty of Sanatana Dharma. 


Medical Astrology 

“Ayurvedic Astrology” by Vamadeva Shastri (Jan/Feb/Mar 2021) is a real eye-opener for people who are new to astrology. Thanks a lot for this high-quality article. I won’t think twice to endorse it to anybody who wants and needs to know more about astrology and the relationship between planets and us.

Daniel Bauer

Take Pride in Your Heritage

I’ve been reading this magazine for years now, and it makes me sad to read how some Hindus have been humiliated in America. I can feel your pain. I consider myself a serious follower of the Vichara Marga taught in the Ramana Maharshi Sampradaya, but I was born in Puerto Rico in a Jewish family. I researched religions all over the planet, and I have to tell you that Hinduism is the most beautiful system of religion. You Hindus have everything of real value: the best ethics, the best reasoning, the best music ever! The best dances, the best family values, the best poetry, the best everything. If some Westerners do not like you, please do not give up your culture. I welcome all Hindus to my country (America), to my home, and to my heart. I love you all for what you are—Brahman!

Nelson G. Diaz

Kenedy, Texas, USA

Hinduism Teaches the World Tolerance/Acceptance/Love

How you can help Hinduism Today continue to deliver this vital message 

 “One of today’s great, ongoing social events is the dramatic rise of diversity, in some places especially,” explains publisher and satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami. “Some individuals, families and groups are experiencing this phenomenon directly in their interpersonal interactions, others less directly. Either way, it can have a tremendous impact. One knows that, for the sake of a newcomer, he, she or they may be called upon to change their ways, to move over to make room, or share bounty. Sometimes that impact is merely anticipated, feared or worried about. And unless wisdom is liberally applied, friction results.

“The response of some individuals toward those who are different is to like and trust, befriend and help. Others are uncomfortable, and their response is to dislike and distrust the stranger, hate and even inflict injury.

“The basis for Hindu tolerance is the belief that we are all divine beings. We highlight this blessed truth in our magazine at every opportunityto remind our readers as they navigate their busy day. This powerful understanding has given to the Hindu people their amazing, unshakable spirit of tolerance. 

“In Chicago in 1893, the great Swami
Vi­vek­ananda introduced himself with
these words: ‘I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance.’ The concept was evidently important enough to him to be mentioned before anything else. Plus, in his message, he enhances the term to become acceptance. Today, 130 years later, that message is more pertinent than ever.   

“This adage from the Maha Upanishad takes it one step further: ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam, the whole world is a family.’ We need not only tolerate and accept the stranger, but welcome him warmly as a cherished relative. The full verse is even more powerful: ‘This one is a relative, the other is a stranger,’ utter the petty-minded; ‘the entire world is a family,’ hold the magnanimous.Thus, the ultimate expression of tolerance or acceptance is to love and bless everyone in the world: ‘Sarve janah sukhino bhavantu, May all people be happy.’”

There are many ways to support this grand concept: disseminating the idea, good works, giving to the right kind of charities, being the smiling ambassador yourself. Or you can do all these at once by supporting Hinduism Today. You can donate through your estate plan for long-term strength and stability. Or, especially at this time of soaring expenses, you can donate now, at the end of the year, or occasionally to help meet ongoing expenses­. 

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